Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Weekend for the Memory Books!!

This weekend was one for the memory books....the windows were open, the air was cool (finally after such a HOT summer), and there was lots to do!


It was absolutely gorgeous, the kids were happy as clams out in the sunshine, and there was so much fun stuff going on.  Poor Ellie is fighting her 700th cold since birth.  I swear she has had a continual runny nose...She is rocking her new jumperoo though!  Chris worked on a TON of projects around the house from a final organization of the garage, to hanging Ellie's infant swing under the deck (pictures coming soon!).  Bradley and I went to the a local winery on Sunday with our friends to watch our first Polo match!  This winery is literally right at the back of our neighborhood, and it is beautiful! 

Bradley checking out the horses in the field

The players ride around and tell you what the score is...


It was so much fun, actually more fun than I expected!!  Ellie was napping, so Chris was on baby duty while Bradley I gathered up some snacks and went to watch the "horse show" as he called it.

There was even some time to play in the awesome field!  Bradley brought his soccer ball and baseball mitt!


Chloe watching the game

Gigi and Chloe running around the field!

Baby Liam and May Lisa enjoying the sunshine with cousin Gigi

The horses were so amazing to watch, Bradley was in awe!!


On Monday we hosted our first BBQ at the house with roughly 25 adults and over 20 children.  It was a blast!!  We ordered a huge crayon bounce house for the kids and pulled out every outside toy we could find.



Even our friends Mike and Ang came over with their 3 month old TWINS!!  They are so adorable, and huge!
Just as big as Ellie, and exactly two months younger!

Unfortunately between nursing Ellie, prepping food, and chatting with friends, I only took FIVE pictures!!!  I am so mad at myself, but it is hard to be the host, mother, and a photographer at the same time, whew!!  Everyone left at 7:30, which was right when Ellie was about to lose it.  So, I actually missed saying goodbye to half the guests while I was putting Ellie to sleep.  At least everyone has young kids and they understand.  



I am just looking forward to fall so much, and this weekend was such a treat!  This summer has been SO hot, and I just enjoyed taking Ellie for long walks, and playing outside with Bradley this weekend.  YAY for Fall!


amanda said...

yay for fall!!

and seriously i think you might just live in one of the most beautiful places EVER!!

laura said...

looks like so much fun!

i've said it 100x, but i so heart your town. which winery was it? that was always one of our favorite things to do in college and on visits back. our fave was oakencroft up barracks, which closed a few years back.

Jenny said...

we have had some amazing weather as well! what great pictures..having friends so close really make for a wonderful day.

Lindsay said...

oohh my word!! So much fun!!!! Ang's twins are adorable!!