Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Visit From the One the Only....


Aunt Kim!!!  Kim just got a new job (yay!!) and she had some down time between her positions.  So, she came down for a visit to see these growing kiddos.  Bradley had a BLAST hanging out with Kim for the day.  I was getting my hair cut and colored, which can be a long process.  So, Kim and Bradley went out to lunch with Chris and hung out at the playground. 


Then sweet Ellie woke up, so we had some photo shoots (of course!!)  And Ellie got to enjoy her new baby swing outside!!  It is in the perfect location, on the patio under the deck.  There is lots of shade, and it is nice and cool for her.


I'm still not sure if she knows what to think about her swing, but she is very content while she is swinging.  This little lady definitely enjoys the fresh air!



Of course I had to jump in on the photo shoot action, especially since I had my new cut and color to show off!! Bradley wouldn't take any more pictures, but Ellie didn't have any complaints about a Mommy/Daughter photo shoot.


Lindsay said...

so cute!! Kim looks great (as usual) and your look so amazing Clare! Love these pictures.. the colors are so vibrant... and not sure my niece and nephew could be any cuter!!

laura said...

so fun!

love the swing pics, of course!

and nice hair cut/color! i am in desperate need of one too!