Monday, September 20, 2010

My Coth Diaper Experiment


We have been in the middle of a cloth diaper experiment for the past month!  I used G Diapers for quite a while with Bradley.  They are great for "on the go diapering", but I did have a big issue with leaks.  Mainly because Bradley slept on his side for so long, and the diapers would leak out of the side.  G Diapers are also just as expensive as regular diapering.  They have adorable covers, but then you also have to purchase the inserts.  Although they are great for the environment, they don't really help the pocket book. 

Once Bradley was a bit older I tried cloth diapers.  I used the Bum Genius all-in-one, and they worked really great for him.  I didn't get completely into it though, and would switch between cloth and disposables on and off.  Bradley was potty trained early, at the age of 2, so I didn't make a large investment in cloth diapers.

I had been thinking about cloth diapering Ellie, but I didn't want to overwhelm myself too early on.  Then we had an incident at the beach that helped me make my decision.  Right before we left for the beach I switched Ellie to Pampers.  I was having some issues with the Huggies leaking (I think pretty much every disposable diaper leaks breast milk poops anyway!!)  We were at the beach a few days, and Ellie developed this HORRIBLE diaper rash.  I was diligently trying to keep it under control, and then it started spreading.  I should have taken some pictures of it, but her little belly broke out in a million little bumps.  After a few frantic calls with the pediatrician I found out that Ellie was allergic to Pampers.  He told me that lots of babies are allergic to a chemical in the Pampers diapers.  When they pee into the diaper a chemical is leached, and a lot of babies have reactions to it.  We had to immediately switch back to Huggies, and the bumps went away almost immediately.  But, she fought a horrible diaper rash for over a week that I had to get a prescription to treat it.  Point being....we are in the middle of a cloth diaper experiment!!!


I decided I was ready to make the switch, and did A LOT of research.  There are tons of different styles, sizes, and brands of cloth diapers available today.  I purchased a few 'starter' packages, and tested them out to see which brand worked for Ellie and I the best.  Each brand has its pros and cons, and there are things that I liked and disliked about all of them.  But, right now I think Fuzzibunz are the winners!!  They are easy to clean and "stuff," and come in so many great colors.  I also really like all of my Bum Genius that I used with Bradley, but they do take quite a bit longer to stuff and prep for wear.

Here is an example of a Size Medium Fuzzibunz in Grape:

The medium size are made for a 15-35 lb baby, and only come with one microfiber insert. 

Here is the diaper ready for wear.  Just slide in the insert, and you are ready for action!!

This is a Bum Genius All-in-One diaper.  The All in One means that it can fit a newborn to a toddler size.  It comes with a large insert, and a smaller newborn insert.  I put both of them inside the diaper, and they are great for long naps and lots of wetness.

First I have to snap it down once, because Ellie is in the "medium" size of this diaper.

Then I lay the newborn insert on top, and stuff!

Here is the Bum Genius ready for wear!  I don't like stuffing the Bum Genius diapers, they do take a bit longer.  
But, I do like that they velcro on...very easy for Dads or babysitters!  
The Fuzzibuz snaps on, which can be trickier to get the right fit!

I also had read a lot of great things about the Flip diaper.  I ordered one to give it a try.  I actually liked this diaper the least.  It reminds me of the G Diapers, which I now learned have microfiber inserts you can use.  But there is no protective pocket to wick away the wetness.  After Ellie has used this, her bottom is really wet to touch.  When she takes a three hour nap in the Bum Genius, she is very dry when she wakes up.  Even though the inserts are soaked, the pocket lining keeps her really dry.

There is so much information out there about cloth diapering, it can be a bit overwhelming.  But, I am slowly learning all of the lingo and I have really enjoyed getting started with it.  I have enough diapers to make it through two full days with Ellie.  Now that I know I like the Fuzzibunz the best, I am thinking about getting another 8 or 10 so that I only have to wash diapers every two or so days.

Diaper washing can be tricky with cloth diapers.  I have been using Rockin' Green detergent for my diapers and I LOVE it!  The detergent also comes with a freshener that you can sprinkle into your wet bag to keep it from getting too ripe if you know what I mean.  The detergent comes in lots of fun smells.  I have the "Motely Clean" which is fresh and yummy.  

I was worried about using my front loader washer and dryer with my cloth diapers.  A lot of washing information tells you to let your diapers soak for a while, which doesn't really work in a front loader.  But, so far so good.  I do a cold cycle without detergent first to rinse out the diapers. Then I do a heavy duty cycle/hot with detergent, it has a pre wash and a extra rinse option.  The diapers are really clean at this point.  Then I do a warm wash/rinse without detergent to get them rinsed off and detergent free.  I use very little detergent, which is the key with front loaders.  A little goes a long way.  Then I just hang dry the covers and tumble dry the inserts.  I will usually start the process at night, and get through the first two washes.  Finish it in the morning, and have the diapers stuffed and ready for wear after her first nap.  

It is definitely still a learning process, but I love helping the environment and putting her bum in such soft diapers.  Stay tuned for more cloth diapering info!!!   


The Mrs. said...

They are so cute! I didn't know they looked that stylish!

laura said...

um, the new header...AMAZING! that picture is straight out of a magazine!

and cloth diapers...i'm so curious...but so lazy to try something new. i can't wait to hear how it continues. everyone i know who has done it loves it...i'm on the fence!

Katie said...

I really need to get back to cloth diapering...I've been slacking since Gabe was born. Thanks for your thoughts. I was thinking of trying the flip, but I won't now!

I ran into a couple of sisters at the zoo and they swore by a Canadian company that makes Comftyrumps. They are half the price of Fuzzibunz (which I love). So, I may give them a try.

Glad Ellie is rash free!

Christy said...

I have always been intrigued by the cloth diapering, but I am not sure I would enjoy it. I loathe laundry. The thought of having a newborn and even MORE laundry is completely overwhelming.

Jennifer said...

What a great mom! I can't imagine doing all of this-but you go girl! If you had done all of this research before I had Hudson I might consider it :)

Lindsay said...

oo so glad you posted about these!! Love that your doing this! I think we will have to try the fuzzibunz with any future kids!

aimee said...

Okay, I wanted to go with cloth diapers when we were expecting Finn, but I just wasn't sure about the logistics. Your research project helps a lot, but I'm still not quite sure about poopy diapers. Do you just throw them in the wash as is? Do you rinse them in the sink first? Right now all I have to deal with is liquidy breast milk poop, what happens when he starts eating solids?

Krystyn said...

Thanks for your info.

I wish I could do cloth, but alas, my daycare won't allow it!

Erin said...

Hi Clare! I stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to say "hi"! That's great that you are using cloth diapers for Ellie! I have a friend who owns a baby store in Athens, GA called The Natural Baby. She sells all sorts of cloth diaper products among other things and you can order on-line. ( Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog. We should catch up soon!
Erin Davidge

Dawn said...

I popped over from your sister Lindsay's blog, and came across this post. Normally, I wouldn't comment on the blog of someone I don't know, but just wanted to mention this...

We're cloth diaperers, and we're big Flip fans in this house.You pointed out that the Flip diaper doesn't wick away moisture & your baby girl wakes up pretty wet. In your picture of the Flip, it looks like you have the insert upside-down. Perhaps it was just set in there that way in a hurry to take the picture. But if not, try flipping it over. If you put the smoother side against her skin, she should stay pretty dry for 2 - 3 hours unless she's a super-heavy wetter.

Hope that helps...and I promise not to be some crazy stranger stalker lady! ;)