Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Because

Just because you are so stinkin' cute....


and you look absolutely adorable in your sunflower dress that Aunt Annmarie gave you


plus the weather was gorgeous


and I had made a note to myself to do a photo shoot with you sometime soon


Just some mommy and ellie time in the sun, in your sunflower dress, my new lens and a beautiful blanket that was mine when I was a baby


Happy five months my sweet baby girl!  You have had a lot of firsts in the past few weeks, can't wait to share them.  But first I just wanted to share how cute you were for our photo shoot!!


So cute that I needed a picture of you from every angle, front and side, so I won't forget your adorable face at five months.  I love you, my little sunshine!!!


Lindsay said...

I could eat her w/ a spoon!! What a cutie!! Love all of these XOXO

laura said...

that dress is darling!
i miss itty-bitty baby girl clothes.

what's your new lens? i'm thinking of asking for a new one for xmas and am researching options.