Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall at Last


Fall is right around the corner, and I can hardly stand it!  This has been a long and HOT summer here, and I am ready to pull on some jeans and wrap myself up in warm sweaters.  It is hard to believe I am saying that considering we had a horrible winter, with three large blizzards that practically shut down our area.  But I am ready for football, pumpkins, Halloween, and  long walks with a cool breeze.  As a fall kick off, we met our dear friends at the apple orchard last week.  We got there before the huge crowds hit, so the kids were able to find apples right on their level.  In years past we usually need a long pole to pull down apples from the top of the tree, but not this year! 


A view from the looking tower...apple doughnuts, ice cream, peaches for sale.  What more could you ask for?


Chloe and Bradley waiting for Larken and Amalie to arrive, come on guys!!


The apple wagon!! Of course someone, who you know very well, had to be in charge of the wagon's direction and speed.  Bossy little guy, not sure where he got that from?


On an apple hunt


This one looks good mama!


Or you can just pick them right off of the ground according to Amalie!

Sweet girl

 Chloe enjoying apples right off of the tree!

Chloe and Greta

Forever Friends


Ang Blanchette said...

Your pictures are so AMAZING! You've found another special creative talent. :) This post makes me so eager to get out and enjoy the incredible things fall has to offer around here.

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures! We just went to the apple orchard too!

aimee said...

Great photos, Clare. I'm still learning how to work my new, fancy camera. Do you have any tips?

I'm ready for fall, too, but I'm not ready for shorter amounts of daylight. That's just too depressing!

laura said...

alright, already...enough with these posts about how freaking gorgeous your town is! this alumna can't handle it anymore! ;)

i heart carter's mountain.

and, wow - those pictures are incredible!!! are you using an editing software? the one of the country store is breathtaking...

Lindsay said...

amazing pictures!!!! Love that one of Bradley picking the apple off the tree.. All I have to say about the bossy is I (the sister that was only allowed to watch Annie and Top Gun growing up because her big sister was in charge of the movies) has no idea where he could have possible got that from! *wink* See you tomorrow!