Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can I Get Some Milk with That?

Weird title, I know...but Chris and I were having a conversation about Ellie eating her first bowl of rice cereal the other day.  And how weird it must be to nurse for six months straight, only to have your mom put you in a tall chair and start giving you things that have lots of different tastes and smells?!  


This little lady seemed quite into it!!  Here are some of the pictures from her first bowl of rice cereal.  She isn't quite six months, but only a week away.  I have been slowly unpacking and organizing all of my spoons and supplies from Bradley to start feeding Ellie.  Everything had been washed and was ready for baby #2.  I think I was just sad about starting solids.  I feel like the time of me nursing her has gone by so quickly, and now we start a new chapter.  I know, I am getting overly mushy about some mush...haha!


She has had rice cereal and she also tried bananas for the first time.  Both things were a hit, and we are off and running!  So far I have just been offering one "meal" a day, either in the morning or evening.   Whenever I can fit it into our daily routine. 



She is also slowly learning how to use her sippy cup!  I can't believe how quickly they grow and change.  I will fill it with water (which she mostly spits out) or breast milk.  She is figuring out how to get it to her mouth and get a few sips.  I think it still surprises her when she actually gets a mouth full of milk!


In my preparation for Ellie eating solids, I have been making A LOT of baby food.  I already have a large stash of bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, avacados, and this weekend we picked peaches.  There is nothing as amazing as picking peaches right off the tree on Saturday, and pureeing them for your baby on Sunday.  That is fresh!! 

I have to cook the peaches and the pears for Ellie.  She can start eating them raw at seven months.  I am addicted to the Super Baby Food book.  I used it with Bradley, and I have pulled it back off the shelf.  It is filled to the brim with a wealth of information on making baby and toddler food.



Jennifer said...

I can't believe she is 6 months old! And that picture below is so CUTE!

aimee said...

I learn so much from you, Clare! I'm guessing Super Baby Food is another book I need to read. And if that doesn't tell me all I need to know about making baby food, I know who to ask! Ice cube trays...what a great idea! Does she just eat one cube per serving? Love you! Miss you!

Katie said...

I hope she loves avocado as much as Reid did/does~such good brain food! Let the messy fun begin!! :)

Lindsay said...

oooo she looks so cute eating her big girl food! Those peaches look delicious! She will love them :-) Look at her with that sippy cup! I am impressed.. maybe because we had all that sippy cup drama ;-) Good to see you today!! XOXO

amanda said...

how is this possible?? big enough for real food?? not possible friend!! time flies doesn't it??

laura said...

i love it!

we've been given the green light from our pediatrician, especially since he is showing interest and sitting up well! we start this weekend when dan can be home for it. i bought all new blue spoons and blue bowls this past week. blue sippy cups too. i'm so excited!