Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sometimes those really awesome people come into your life. You know when you sit down a prenatal yoga with your belly exploding and your brain won't turn off the crazy thoughts of worry about having two children to take care of in a few short weeks??? Then this sweet mama sitting next to you says, hey you look so familiar??

And it ends up that you have seen each other at The Little Gym, and the regular gym, and all of the many other places we drag our kiddos to in our town. Then it ends up that you are both pregnant with girls a few weeks apart, and you have boys that are about the same age, and she was wondering how is she going to take care of two children, too?!!

Hmmmm, some things are just meant to be. Like meeting Brandi at prenatal yoga. She is just that mama and has that open spirit that draws you in. I feel so blessed to have plopped my mat right down next to her in january. That is the way life is, we meet the right people at the right time. She has been such a support since I had Ellie, and always an ear to listen about middle of the night horror stories. Sweet Grey turned three a few weeks ago, and we got to celebrate pirate style!!



Shaking the parachute with Daddy

Ellie getting in on the action with her Daddy

Little Anna and her Grandfather, so sweet!!


I swear the Bradley attended this birthday, although I only managed to get one half attempt of a picture of him. Recently we have had a lot of issues with shyness and being in new situations.  He spent a majority of the party in the back seat of the car and in the lobby whining because he was "scared of the pirates."  Which is code language for, "I don't know anyone but Grey and I feel nervous."  But, he was there, and he did have FUN!!!


Lindsay said...

So glad you two have either!! Grey is a cutie!! Ellie and Christ looks cute in their stripped shirts :-)

Jenny said...

It is so nice to have a close girlfriend like that!

The party looks like it was a blast!

Brandi said...

So, I am just now reading this and I SOOOO needed to hear your sweet words after the day I had! Shew, I am glad it's over and glad to have you in my life too!

I was driving down the street last night getting a chuckle about the time you didn't make it to yoga because of the side mirror incident :) hee heee heeee!