Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words Can't Describe....

We truly had an amazing week with our friends in Corolla. I definitely didn't take as many pictures as last year. I wanted to be "in the moment" a bit more, and just enjoy myself. Sometimes it is hard to relax when you are standing up snapping away. I did take about 500 photos (which is half as many as last year), and I finally picked out some of my favorites.

The drive down was a bit LONG. We left our house at 10:30, stopped for lunch and shopped a few of the outlets. Then we got stuck in traffic. A LOT of traffic. We didn't pull into our beach house until 7:20 that night!!!! Did I mention that Ellie HATES riding in the car?? Well, we were basically sitting still for a lot of it. So, I just jumped in the back seat and took her out of her car seat. She just watched Bradley and really hung in there until we got to the house. It was crazy!!

The beach was so fun this year!! Bradley just really liked the beach a lot more than in the years past. He had a plan every time we got there. He wanted to make castles, run in the water, go for walks, dig and dig, pour and fill up buckets, the list goes on. We went to the beach almost every morning except one. It was really fun to see him so into the beach!


These two cuties have changed so much since last year too! They were two little peas in a pod. Playing and exploring together for the whole trip. It was really fun to see! Here they are looking at jellyfish that had washed up on the beach.

Amalie "writing" her ABCs in the sand and singing


Everyday we would dig a pool for the kids.
It is amazing how something so simple can be SO much fun!!!



There was lots and lots of digging. I think I have about 30 pictures of Bradley carrying around his shovel. He was on a mission!

Lots of castles were made!!!

Of course the moats had to be filled up around the castles too!

Waiting for the waves with Daddy

Huge smiles



paige said...

so sweet that bradley totally soaked up all his time at the beach!!
atta boy
precious little girls &precious little suits too

amanda said...

truly looks like an amazing trip friend!

Lindsay said...

What an amazing time! I love that picture of Bradley and the shovel and you and him at the bottom! He look so grown up too!