Monday, August 23, 2010

Time Flies By

In the beginning of the summer I was so overwhelmed...a move ahead, a new baby, and a three year old. I was worried how I was going to make it through the whole summer keeping Bradley entertained and ellie content and unpack a new house. I made it through and the three of us actually got into a wonderful rythm during the week.

Last week we went to the library together and had such a great time. After we got home, had lunch, and let Ellie nap, Bradley asked to read his books. We sat on the couch together while I read EVERY single library book to him. He was scared of the foxes, laughed at the funny jokes, and talked about the dinosaur book. I have dreamed of these moments with him. Mommy reading to my sweet little boy, and just enjoying each other. I can truly say that I am totally in love with this little man. I love the little boy he is becoming. He is kind and gentle with his sister, but still loves to run around and have fun.


This morning I sent Bradley off for his first day of three day a week preschool! I can't believe the summer has ended and my little boy is going to preschool again! We had open house on Friday afternoon and Bradley was extremely shy and nervous. He is becoming more and more like me as he grows! I was such a quiet and nervous little kid. But, after giving his sweet teacher, Miss Ashley, a high five everything turned around. He started to tell her about our trip to the beach and his little sister Ellie. We played outside, and just had a great time after he warmed up.

I hope all goes well today on his first day. Here he is with his "pirate" bookbag. OK, so it is a little much with the skulls, but he insisted that it was pirates and I couldn't talk him out of it. Some things just aren't worth the battle.

I am actually looking forward to more of a routine to our week and schedule. This morning I fed Ellie at six, went for a long run, got Bradley ready for school and already uploaded the pictures. I guess I am trying to start off on the right foot! Here is Bradley's "All About Me" poster that we worked on yesterday. He is supposed to show it at circle time this week. So cute!



His cubby all set for school...sniff, sniff;)


Lindsay said...

ooo such a big boy! I still can't believe how big he looks standing on the front step! I love his backpack! His cubby is adorable and I wish I had a space to create something like that! I hope he has a great first day!

laura said...

oh my cuteness! he looks too cute! happy 1st day! ours is sept. 7th, but we've already been to an ice cream social and have a class playdate on the playground this week. i wish we were 3 days. darn october birthday, she's only 2 day/2.5s.

oh, and your cubbys...i heart them. i am dying to do something like that in my laundry room.

Jodee Leader said...

Cute first day of school pictures! He looks soooo grown up! I am drooling over your cubbies! They are perfect!

amanda said...

look at the big boy mama!!! so stinkin cute!!

they really do grow up so fast don't they?

and so glad the routine is setting in...i heart routine!