Thursday, August 12, 2010

Splish Splash


For those of you with little ones, I think getting a beach house with a pool is essential!! For as much as Bradley LOVED the beach a lot more than last year, the pool was probably the biggest hit each day. Bradley splashed in the waves by the ocean, but really didn't swim in the ocean. Coming back to the pool was so refreshing for everyone. The pool at our house was huge this year too!



I took a lot of pictures of the kids swimming around in the pool. Of the three preschool kids, Amalie Rose was a fish, and she just turned 2 in April! She was jumping in, swimming under water, and had NO FEAR! She is such a fun personality. Especially in contrast to Larken and Bradley who are much more cautious children. Bradley wants to be perfect at something before trying it. He did get a little more confident in the water, and was blowing bubbles while putting his head part of the way under the way. He just isn't ready quite yet, and that is OK!

Here is a play by play of Amalie jumping in...


under the water and swimming!!

on her way to "kiss" or Chris in Amalie's words

Larken did really great this summer too in the pool. She would do the doggie paddle all the way across the pool. The day before we went home she started putting her head under too!!


One day Ellie took a dip with the rest of the kids. She loved watching them splash around!

Amalie inspecting her sea shells in her swimming goggles, love it!

Bubble time!

How adorable are these two in their pink tutu bathing suits?

Larken copying mommy and "laying out" by the pool with magazines and barbie of course!


amanda said...

so fun friend. so fun.

and after the last few months this looks like exactly what you all needed :)

Lindsay said...

oohh my goodness! How fun! Bradley is getting so brave! Look at Amalie go!! Ellie looks adorable in her bathing suit and down in the pool!