Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Naptime Novels


I can't believe that I actually started blogging almost three years ago!!!! And I am quickly approaching my 300th post, which is even more crazy. Who knew I would have so much to talk about??! Ha, anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to talk. I will tell you my entire life story if you give me the chance. I love to talk on the phone (although I hardly have time anymore), in the car, to people at the grocery store. Seriously it is no wonder that I have loved sharing our stories through this blog.

Well, I actually started blogging thinking that I would write about "diapers" a.k.a. Bradley, who was a toddler at the time and "designs" a.k.a. my at home job as a Stampin' Up representative. Three years later, I have found that I talk a lot more about the "diapers" around the house...which Bradley isn't even wearing anymore and very little about my cards. I decided to stop being a Stampin' Up representative last summer when we were trying to get pregnant. I still make cards, but I just haven't put them on the blog.

Sooooo, that leads me to re-naming my blog. I have been wanting to change it for a while. After a million name ideas between Chris and I...many of which I loved, but they weren't available on blogger. I chose "Naptime Novels." If anyone knows me they know that I LOVE naptime. I am a HUGE fan of naptime. I come home early from events to make sure my kids get naptime. Pretty much since I had Bradley my days have revolved around naptime. Now he doesn't nap too often anymore, but he still has quiet time in his room every day for 2 hours. I know, it is a long time. But, he needs it as much as I do. He reads, plays, relaxes, and sometimes he even falls asleep still. Ellie is just starting this journey with naptime. In the past few days she has started to take wonderful naps, not just lots of little catnaps throughout the day. I am talking over 2+ hour naps. I am talking she wakes up happy and cooing. I am talking one happy mama naps!!

Naptime Novels it is! Most of my blogging is usually done during naptime. Most of my sanity comes from naptime each day. Part of that sanity is blogging, and sharing a little piece of our journey with you.

I hope you will update your reader, follow me, and see where naptime leads us!


Christy said...

Love the new name!

Krystyn said...

So the new name:)

(And, hopefully, won't be blocked at work anymore:)

Jodee Leader said...

Thanks so much for the e-mail tonight. Of course, I will follow you at your new location too! I am also a big fan of naps. In fact, our lives revolve around them when our kids are little!

Jennifer said...

Love the new name. I'm with you on the naptime! My kids are great nappers too and I think it's because I was always so crazy about making sure they took one and on time! The nap nazi! Poor Hudson hasn't had quite the structure, but at least he's flexible!

And I love the picture of Ellie! So sweet!

Jennifer :)

amanda said...

congrats on the new name friend - very fun!

Lindsay said...

love the new name and new design! Very cute!! Ellie looks so tiny in that basket!!

Katie said...

LOVE it!! Everything looks so great, Clare! And YIPPEE for Ellie turning this corner with her sleep. It will change your life!! :)
Love ya, friend.

Jenny said...

love the new name! perfect!

aimee said...

Can't say we're past the catnap stage yet. It's a bit frustrating because we don't actually have specific nap times. Instead, they're just an hour after the last know the drill! I love your new name :)