Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hanging out in the new Crib

Since we moved in we have had a lot of friends and family come over to check out the new house, give baby Ellie a squeeze, and just visit! Our new house is much closer to this awesome family...


My awesome sister and adorable Sammy have been over for a few playdates already. This picture was taken when everyone came over for dinner a few Sundays ago. Sammy and Bradley were sitting at the island putting sprinkles on their ice cream. Oh fun summer times!!

Right before we left for the beach my best friend from high school came down to visit!!  Janna has a gorgeous son TJ, that I just love!  I so wish we lived closer, and could do more "mommy" things together.  It is so amazing to see how much our lives have changed in the past few years.  Janna lived with me when I met Chris and we started dating.  And now here we are with three kids between the two of us and still we can chat, laugh and eat ice cream like we just saw each other last week.  Gotta love good friends!!

Janna and TJ posing for a picture!

Our attempt to get a photo of TJ and Ellie

TJ standing up for the first time at our house!!  Go TJ!!

TJ was in love with Bradley and all of his toys!  Bradley actually did really well sharing with him and being patient.  I quickly learned how many things that Bradley plays with that have little choking pieces!  We are going to have to come up with some toy rules once Ellie gets mobile!


We also have had Ellie's Godparents, Trent and Debbie, our close friends over for dinner at the new house. Debbie got some much needed baby time with Ellie...



Another wonderful friend Katie came over for a play date with her two boys...Pierce and Reid.  I attempted to get some pictures, but Katie and I were so busy talking and catching up that I only got a picture of Reid.  Isn't he so cute with those blue eyes?

It is so nice to have a great place to entertain, and have friends over again!  The basement is the perfect place to hang out with the kids, and I just love having our own place to call home. 


Lindsay said...

oo your pictures are always so beautiful! Love that one of Debbie and Ellie!! So sweet!

laura said...

i was just thinking the other day, while putting away the 50 million teeny tiny pieces to dora's dream house, that we are going to have some serious problems on our hands when ben becomes mobile!

looks like ya'll have been having lots of fun entertaining!

amanda said...

loving that the new crib is being well used! but still jealous that we can't come over and play :)