Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome Home


The past few months have felt like running a marathon. Giving birth and all of the craziness that followed, planning and building a house, moving....It is so nice to finally be home. Chris and I have been crazy people trying to unpack, organize, purge, and clean up from the move. It seemed like I would make a ton of progress in one room, and turn around to see a million more boxes on the next floor. We have unearthed ourselves from the boxes, and are finally settling in!

I ran around yesterday and snapped some photos of the new house. I still haven't finalized every room and I still haven't hung up all of our pictures, but this is what I have so far:

The gallery and front entrance

The office...still a bit of a mess right now

my new amazing craft space that chris designed!

dining room

bradley thought this photo shoot was hilarious and tried to jump in every picture!
the family room...still haven't quite figured out how I will arrange the built-ins, but I framed a bunch of new photos and this is what I have so far!


amazing extra pantry space

cubbies for the kids...i still need to find some baskets that will fit on the top and the bottom

our room...i have some new bedding, but i am waiting to get a matching quilt for it. so we have some of our old bedding on for now

an adorable picture of the kids!!

bradley so happy hanging out in his room!

sweet kiddos in ellie's room, probably my favorite place in the house! i haven't fully decorated her room yet either. i have a bunch of pictures that are going to go up...but this is what we have so far!



amanda said...

it's beyond beautiful friend! i can't wait to come over!

Jodee Leader said...

Your house turned out fabulous! I especially love all of the built ins. You guys did a great job and Chris is soooo talented!

Lindsay said...

Loved seeing all of the details in person today! Thanks for having us! Sammy had a blast (minus the sting he got)! He wants to have Bradley over to play in his little pool sometime soon! Thanks for the clothes for Sammy.. I think Im going to have him try them on while watching a movie today :-). *fashion show*

laura said...


Annmarie said...

Clare, everything looks fabulous, so far. I can't wait to see it all in person. Please tell Chris that he has done another amazing job.
The baby is getting so big. What a dollbaby. Looks like she is keeping her redish hair. Lets hope it stays. Big Brother Bradley is so cute holding her.
Miss you all! Hugs and kisses <3
love, Annmarie

Megan said...

Your home is beautiful! I love the kitchen and Ellie's room! Oh.. and we have the same light fixture in our dining room! !

Colleen said...

Love your daughter's room. It's similar to my girl's colors of sage green and pink too. Very pretty!