Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Are Headed To...


the beautiful Outer Banks in Corolla, NC! We are packed (probably over packed) and ready to leave first thing in the morning. We will be meeting this beautiful family when we get there...


I cannot wait for week of fun at the beach and splashing in the pool. Many memories await us! Bradley is beyond excited for the trip! I'm not sure if he truly remembers the trip last year, maybe from looking through the pictures he does. But, he was telling me all about it. How he was going to ride the "bus" (trolley) over to the beach with Larken. So sweet!

It is amazing how much has changed in a years time. We went last year at almost exactly this same week. We are coming back with a new baby and living in a new house. Wow!

I am a bit nervous for the trip in general. Ellie HATES the car seat. I mean this little girl will put up a major fight in the car if you don't get to her immediately. We have had some major screaming just this week when she was stuck in the car. I'm sure part of the trip will be spent with me in the back seat between the two kids. Also, Ellie has been doing SO great at home, after a lot of hard sleep training. I hope this doesn't mess things up too much. She literally rolled over last night and went right to sleep after I nursed her. Just as content as can be. I never thought we would get here just a month ago.

I am sure overall things will go well! I always expect it to be worse than it is, and then they surprise us with how easygoing they can be (fingers crossed)!

Also thank you for all of the sweet comments, emails, and notes sent on facebook about my last blog post. These past four months have been a bit of an adventure for our family, and particularly hard on me. It is just nice to know I am not in this alone, and many of you have experienced the same thing. Thank you so much!!!

See you in a week!!!


Jenny said...

I read your last post and was totally crying. I felt that way with Will and I did finally get medication and felt so much better.
You are such a strong woman and a wonderful mother!
Have a great sister is leaving for NC tomorrow too!

Katie said...

Hey Clare!
We're packing up to head home and have had an amazing time. The weather has been incredible and I think you'll have more of the same this coming week. :)
Vacation with little ones is always tricky and I'm actually looking forward to getting home, though it's been really great here! I'll be praying for your car ride (Reid is not really a fan, was long and rough on our way down)--we'll both be in the same boat tomorrow!
Have fun and can't wait to catch up!! Love to you.

amanda said...

happy and safe travels friend....soak it up!! you sooo deserve this break :)

Lindsay said...

Have fun! Miss you already!!

Krystyn said...

Oh...have a GREAT time!

Kristen Andrews said...

I read your last post and you guys so deserve a vacation, having a new baby in the house is a huge adjustment and others say how easy it is and it isn't when Will was a baby I had a really hard time adjusting to the no sleep, crying and infrequent naps hang in there:)

Marketing Gurl said...

I really hope you have an amazing time... This looks fun. Happy vaction!