Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's HOT Over Here!!

The past few weeks of summer have been HOT, HOT, HOT!! There isn't much to do outside besides go to the pool and take a swim. Bradley has LOVED having a great pool to go to in our new neighborhood. Can you beat a view like this while you are swimming??


Just gorgeous! Luckily Ellie has been doing great with the babysitter, and we have been able to run up to the pool a few times with friends during the day. Then in the afternoon Chris or I will take Bradley up for a swim before or after dinner. He is getting more and more comfortable in the water.

Here are the kiddos waiting for break to end

The pool has a great graduated entry that is perfect for this age. The kids feel like they are "swimming" without having to stay over in the baby pool or on the stairs.


Bradley hanging out on the side of the pool

It is so amazing to see these kiddos growing up so quickly. Little Chloe decided that she was going to swim, and she hasn't looked back! Here she is swimming under the rope into the deeper section. She will even jump off of the side of the pool and swim under the water to Greta. It is awesome!


Now Bradley is a little more cautious about going under the water. I showed him that if he closed his mouth and held his nose that no water could get in. He started putting his head under little by little. Maybe by the end of the summer we will get him totally swimming. I know it just takes time and exposure. Also, having friends do it around him has made him much more interested in this skill!

Bradley has found lots of fun things to entertain him around the house these days. With a little baby sister and a Mom who has been an unpacking queen he has been making up lots of games himself. He was excited to see his old slide that was in storage. Well, he makes up different games and "jumps" to do on it in the basement. I didn't get a picture of it, but he made an obstacle course the other day, with tunnels and my exercise balls. It is so fun to see his imagination at work!



Lindsay said...

so much fun!! Its been so hot!!

amanda said...

that's your view?? wow friend i wanted to come over before but now? now i totally want to come over!

paige said...

i am soooooooooooo jealous
i can't believe that's the view from your pool!!!
oh my word
where we live it's so crowded , no gorgeous mountains....sigh

glad you're having a wonderful summer

Jenny said...

an amazing view...it looks like you guys are in a great neighborhood!

i just love bradley's thomas pjs, will would go crazy for those!

Christy said...

It has been sooooo unbearably hot lately. I don't even like to think about going outside.

laura said...

i mean, seriously! did you have to post that picture of the mountains?! as if i didn't wish we lived in "the happiest place on earth" already?!