Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Three Months Old...Three Weeks Late!!


Well, let's just say that life has been a bit crazy, and I am finally getting around to a three month post on Ellie. Even though she will be four months in just one more week! I really can't believe how quickly time is flying by with her. She is growing up fast. It seems like each day she is making a new sound or squeal. So fun!

We had her check-up last week, and Ellie is one chubby baby!

Her stats:
Weight: 14 lbs. 3 oz.
Height: 23 inches

That puts her in the 25% for height and the 75% for her weight! I don't think we have an eating problem over here. She did a get a few shots last week, and was a bit out of sorts for a few days. I had forgotten all about the lovely shots. She woke up with a fever in the middle of the night, and it seems like her belly was upset for a few days.

Since we have moved into the new house Ellie has had a lot of funny "playing" with all of her new toys. She barely touches the ground in the exosaucer, but she loves to kick her feet and look at the lights.


Now that we are in a less hectic schedule I have been working hard on tummy time with Ellie. She isn't a fan, and will often spit up A LOT during tummy time. She is doing great with lifting her head, but hasn't shown any interest in trying to roll over.

Ellie is quite a social little baby. She is SO happy to see her brother, and will give a big smile to anyone who pays attention to her. When she is awake she is so fun to be around. When she wakes up from her naps or in the morning she is full of smiles and laughs. Just happy and talkative. Our babysitter comes twice a week to watch her while I run errands or do activities with Bradley. She is great for the sitter, and is starting to get really good at taking her bottles. I finally found some bottles that she likes (of course it is the cheap playtex drop-ins...)


She has gone on some new adventures lately! It has been VERY hot here. So I feel like we have been stuck inside a lot. It is just too hot for Ellie to be out and about. She isn't old enough for sunscreen, and gets quite fussy when she is too hot. A few afternoons we have taken her up to the pool. She seems to really like it. The first trip she was so quiet the whole time. I think she was just taking it all in. But, on her second trip she was really excited in the water, kicking around and splashing a bit.


Her most recent milestone has been grabbing objects. She just started doing that this weekend. She can grab a rattle and bring it up to her mouth. I am excited for her to be able to hold toys and entertain herself a bit.


This little girl LOVES bath time. I must admit it is one of my most favorite times of the day with her. She is usually giggly and talkative. She will splash and kick, and it just so happy to be in the water.

Here she is right before bedtime, so cute! We have been working really hard on establishing a bedtime routine from the beginning, and I think she is finally getting the hang of it. I always give her a bath, even if I don't wash her with soap, then a massage, nursing and then bed. I feel like I have had to work really hard to get this little girl to sleep through the night. It definitely didn't just come naturally for her.

I know I wrote earlier about "The Death of the Swaddle" a few weeks ago. Well, this little girl was seriously addicted to being swaddled for bedtime and for naps. We were running into some MAJOR issues because she was starting to break out of her swaddle right at 12 weeks. She would get one arm out and couldn't get herself back to sleep. Chris and I were going in her room 4 and 5 times a night to re-swaddle her or give her a pacifier. Then on top of all of that she caught a cold. So for 8 nights Chris or I had been up with her for hours on end. She was sick, breaking out of her swaddle, and just plain fussy.

Once she started to feel better, she still was having major sleeping issues. They all started at about 7 pm, which has always been her fussy window. Chris and I would go into her room 20 times from 7 to 9pm until she finally fell asleep. But, as she got older this was causing some major issues in the nighttime. She would wake up at 11 or 1, and want to be re-swaddled or want her pacifier. It was definitely taking a toll on me and Chris. I don't think I have ever been that tired in my life. I was literally sick because I was so tired. I lost over 10 lbs in just a matter of weeks.

So, I made the decision before we moved....NO more swaddle and NO more going into her room to help her fall asleep. One night I gave her a bath, massage, fed her, and put her in bed. Then I crawled into my bed with my ear plugs in, and turned the fan on in our bathroom and fell asleep. Do you know what she did????

She slept until 6 am the next morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She hasn't done it consistently, but we have had major improvements in naps and nighttime sleep. She no longer needs her swaddle, and has slept through the night a number of times. More often she will wake up at 4 or 5 and I will nurse her once and she will sleep until 7 or later. It really took a few days of major crying before she got the hang of it. Just recently this week she has been waking up at 2 and throwing quite a fit. I just don't seem to get the babies that "sleep through the night" on their own free will. Some afternoons she will refuse to take a 'cat nap' between 4 and 7, even though she majorly needs one. She will literally cry and cry. Sometimes I can get her to sleep in her swing, but not often. So, she is so exhausted that she will fall right asleep at 7, only to wake up at 8 in a crying fit. After a long talk with the pediatrician he suggested that we don't go back in. He said some babies are just more social than others, and they know you are just a room away and they can begin to manipulate you. It has been some tough love for this little girl in the past few weeks. I just keep telling myself, "I am giving her the gift of sleep." It does seem that things are getting better, especially around the 7 o'clock hour. She is much more mellow and will only fuss for a few minutes before falling asleep. This is what our typical schedule looks like:

7 eat
8:30-10 nap
10 eat
11:30-1 nap
1 eat
2:30-4 nap
4 eat
7 eat and bed
4 or 5 am eat

I usually feed her 5 or 6 times a day. I have found that she can stay up for 60 to 80 minutes. If she is awake for an hour and a half she is usually much more tired in her next awake time. I am still using the swing to extend her naps. She will only nap in her crib for 45 minutes to an hour. I can't wait for these naps to begin to get longer. I know it will probably be another month before that starts happening.

More pictures of the house coming soon!!


Lindsay said...

aww miss E looks so cute in all of those pictures! She looks so big holding her own toy like that!!

amanda said...

oh friend how much do i love this post!! i just said i thought i was ready and then i read your daily timeline and oh my!! i just totally forgot and you totally reminded me...oh honey!!

happy three months sweet girl :)