Friday, July 23, 2010

From the Front

We have had an interesting week...Bradley has been sick and I was praying that Ellie wouldn't catch it! He woke up with a fever on Wednesday and was just out of sorts. Then it climbed up to 101.5 after a three hour nap (you know they are sick when they ask for a nap!). He battled the fever on and off for two days with no other symptoms. Finally he woke up today feeling great.

My friend was telling me that she calls it a "pool fever." She said the first summer that she started taking her kids to the pool all of the time they would run a fever for a few days with no other symptoms. Then it would just go away. Hmmmm, we have been up at the pool a lot, so it makes sense. Never heard of this, have you??

Since we have just been hanging out a home, I finally took some pictures of the outside of the house....

view from the street

view with the garage, chris' office is above the garage

our view from the front porch


Have a happy weekend!!!!


paige said...

glad your little man is all better.
your home is gorgeous..i've been meaning to ask where you live. such gorgeous landscape & your pool view is to die for!

Lindsay said...

yay so glad to hear that Bradley is feeling better! I have never heard of a pool fever before.. hmm! Love the house! I hope your doing well!!

laura said...

oh, glad to hear he's feeling better! stop posting those blue ridge mountains pics. i'm dying down here in flat-flat-flat central carolina! ;)

Jodee Leader said...

Your house turned out fabulous! I am ready to move right in!

Hope Bradley is feeling better soon!

Have a great weekend!

amanda said...

sorry that i keep saying the same thing on every single house post...but really i sooo can't wait to come over!