Monday, July 26, 2010

Even Super Heroes Need a Band Aid


Bradley has gotten really into super heroes all of the sudden. We were picking out a toy at Toys R Us and he was totally drawn to Bat Man...what happened to Mickey Mouse?? *sigh* Little Man is growing up! He loves watching Super Why, and has seen The Incredibles a few times. This weekend he told me that he needed a super hero costume complete with the eye covers...ummmmm, ok? Thinking fast I used an old baby blanket for a cape and Daddy's worn out undershirt cut up for the eye patches. He ran around the house 'flying' with his cap and making up stories about his powers.

After a trip to the pool and a stubbed toe...we ended up with a superhero in need of a band aid. It was so sweet and reminded me that although Bat Man and Spiderman might be a sign of the future, he is still my little boy!


amanda said...

love that your superhero still needs bandaids :)

lilly loves to play superheros with her daddy..i even got them matching capes from etsy for his birthday! they LOVE putting them on and running around the house!

Lindsay said...

awww so cute!! Love that picture! Glad hes still a little boy at heart! Can Aunt Lindsay make a cape and mask combo for his birthday present? Yes I realize its not for another 5 months away.. never can be to prepared ;-)

laura said...

hilarious! we haven't hit the superhero phase's all princesses and baby dolls!

Christy said...

I love all the phases they go through. Very cute homemade super hero costume!