Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trials of Two


My plate has felt full these past few weeks...actually overflowing. There are some amazingly sweet moments, and some days when I just want to cry from exhaustion. Ellie will be 12 weeks on Thursday! Time is flying by with this little lady!

In the past few weeks she has really started to figure out her night time sleep. This has been a blessing, since some days can seem long. I feed her about every three hours during the day, so five times. Then she will do one feeding during the night. This feeding can happen between 1am and 3am, it still varies. She is usually up in the morning at 6:30 or 7.

Her day time sleep is still very unorganized, and is getting shorter each week. I can hardly get her to sleep longer than an hour in her crib during the day, sometimes it is only 45 minutes. This can be tricky, because she will often be awake long before it is time to eat again. I really want her to be on an eat, play, sleep cycle so that she can learn to put herself to sleep on her own. Often times I will put her in the swing or the bouncy seat for the second half of her nap until it is time to eat again. I feel like a lot of my day is spent getting her to sleep or worrying about her schedule. I remember this with Bradley, but it still is hard! I cannot wait for more of a morning and afternoon nap schedule, but we have probably two or more months before that happens.

She has made a lot of progress in sleeping on her own. She loves to be swaddled, and now loves her pacifier. She can get herself to sleep with just a minimal amount of fussing and that is good! The problem is the second child syndrome. Usually her schedule gets thrown WAY off because we are out during the day. She always takes her first nap in her crib, but once she wakes up she is usually sleeping in her car seat while we do things out of the house.

Yesterday she slept for a while in her car seat while we went to run some errands. The last place was the grocery store to pick up food I ordered online. Well, she woke up early and we were waiting in the parking lot to get our food. She screamed so loud, and I was out of the car trying to calm her down. A lady walked by and said, "Don't worry I've been there." Ummmmm, embarrassing! After a screaming session on the way home I lifted her out of her seat to find poop all over her car seat and all over her. It was EVERYWHERE! Bradley hadn't had lunch and was saying he was hungry. It was time for her to eat too, etc. etc. I got everyone fed and down for naps and I hadn't eaten myself. Such is life with a newborn in the house, but I definitely feel exhausted at the end of the day---especially after taking apart the car seat and doing tons of laundry to clean up the poop explosion.


I have been working so hard to establish a bed time routine and get her in bed by 7. She is totally exhausted at the end of the day, but we still have a bit of a witching hour. Some nights it lasts from 7 till 8, and sometimes it can stretch on until 9 or 10. Once we get her to sleep she is down for the night, and will not wake me up until later. But, those few hours can be tough. Just a few weeks ago we were still putting her in the swing to sooth her, but Chris and I have decided to just put her in her crib. We will go to her every 10 or so minutes to sooth her and give her a pacifier. We will have some great nights when she will hardly fuss, and then last night she didn't fall asleep until 8:45. We didn't have this with Bradley. He definitely had a witching hour, but it was earlier in the evening. Hopefully in a few weeks it will be gone and we can enjoy a peaceful bed time routine around here.


I just look at her little face and smile!! She is really so content during the day, other than freak moments in the car seat! I was singing to her yesterday and I swear I heard her first little laugh. Those are the moments that melt your heart.

This is just still a learning process for me. Having two children and trying to meet every one's needs. We will find our rhythm soon, and Ellie won't need as much sleep. It is just a balance, and I haven't quite evened the scales yet. When I feel like I am doing something fun for Bradley, I totally mess up Ellie or the other way around. I have to keep telling myself that we will get there, each day is a little bit better than the last. I just wanted to remind myself of these crazy days!


Then you have an impromptu photo shoot before The Little Gym, and you get this awesome picture! These two are so cute I can hardly stand it! It is worth all of the poop and madness!


Jenny said...

Oh yes. I remember the screams in the carseat and you are just wanting to get home as fast as you can!
It does sound like you are doing amazingly well with scheduling everything even if you do feel overwhelmed!
Can I just say Ellie's oufits are so...sweet!

amanda said...

while totally worth the poop and the madness....it's still good to share and vent. especially to a mama who is currently expecting number tow - i need the reality dose!!

thank goodness they are so cute :)

Lindsay said...

I still say this should be the Christmas card picture :-) Love you XOXO

Jodee Leader said...

I remember those days sooo well! It took me soooo long to get my groove back after having Kamree.

Enjoy every second! As you already know, it goes sooo fast!

The Devols said...

So I think you may have just talked me into keeping Landon an only child. LOL. Sounds like you are doing a great job managing everything and your kids are just too cute!

3 Peanuts said...

You will find your stride. Hang in there Clare:) Thinking of you.

laura said...

oh girlfriend, you are so so so so right! 2 is hard. 2 is hard, hard, hard. but so worth it.

it's so nice to know that this crazy time is normal, that everyone who makes the big transition from 1-to-2 goes through the exact same thing! safety in numbers! ;)

and that outfit on ellie - ADORABLE!!!

paige said...

she is so precious clare. ya'll will get in a rhythym. looking forward to seeing more of your new home next month!

joven said...

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Tori said...

Oh my goodness when I read your post it made me smile your baby girl has the same name as my little sister! My sisters name is Elli (spelled diffrently also my sister is 3 ). I love your blog it's SO cute with the design too! I remember when my sister was younger and she would scream alot I'm the car and during night time always woke up! (my poor mom) lol. God bless you :) love Tori