Thursday, June 17, 2010

Play Date with My Little Boy

I know I have written about my struggles between balancing two children. It has definitely been an adjustment over the past twelve weeks. Bradley has been so great about it all! He takes it in stride if we have to leave early from the pool or the park. He really is such a good sport about listening to horribly long screaming sessions in the car.

This week we started a new babysitter at the house. She had been watching twin three month I guess Ellie is a breeze! We did a trial run on Tuesday, and Ms. Leah watched Ellie while I took Bradley to the Little Gym. That went great, so today we had our first play date just the two of us in three months! We have run little errands here and there while Chris watches Ellie, but this was special.


This was the NEW sprinkler park. This was just Mommy and Bradley. He was SO excited!!! He woke up and ran into my room to ask me if we were still going to the sprinkler park. Then he said, "Ms. Leah is coming to watch Ellie, right?" It melted my heart! I am sure he just wanted to get out of the house without a baby in tow, but I took it that he just wanted to spend time with me...


We met our friends and played and played!! No nursing in the hot sun while Ellie sweated to death. No having to ask friends to take my son to the bathroom because Ellie was crying or hungry. Just us. And I must say it was nice. So, Ms. Leah will be coming twice a week. To watch sweet Ellie, and let her chill out in the air conditioning. While Mommy and Bradley head out for some more special play dates together. I actually had time to snap some photos of the kids playing in the park...


Isabelle hanging out!


Bradley running through the sprinklers. He kept calling this the "X" sprinkler, because the water dropped down to make an X.


Or his new trick to clean out his bathing suit!


Then he showed Chole how it was done!



All this fun, and then to come home to a sweet smiling baby who had a great nap in the cool house. Just priceless!


laura said...

we are so doing the exact same thing. her name is miss anna. syd LOVES the extra attention. she actually told her teachers about it at school - "yesterday i had a mommy and sydney day!" it was too sweet.

and, isn't it amazing how still they will sit in the car when the wee one is having a fit?! we had one of those lovely outbursts in the car today and syd was so quiet, just staring out the window. and, sometimes, sometimes, she'd quietly say "it's ok, ben. we take care of you." bless her heart.

so thankful to know i'm not alone in this two-kid tango! xo!

amanda said...

sounds perfectly lovely friend :)

for all of you!!

here's to many many more!!

Courtney said...

So glad you found someone that you trust with Miss Ellie. Looks like you guys had a great time. What a cool place to visit.

Jenny said...

so glad that you and bradley got some mommy and me time. that park looks amazing!

Lindsay said...

yay!! Love that you got to go out and have fun just the 2 of you!! That park looks amazing.. we should meet you there sometime soon!!

The Mrs. said...

We so need one of these near me!!! It looks amazing!

stacy said...

Looks like he had fun! What park is that? Transitioning from 1 to 2 children was probably one of the most challenging times in my life! We all survived... hoping the change to 3 is easier! Good luck with the move!

3 Peanuts said...

So glad you had this time with Bradley:)