Monday, June 14, 2010

Moving, Chaos, Sickness...not sure what else to cram in this blog title?


I love this photo of Ellie!! I swear she is sticking her tongue out at me saying, "Ha Ha Mommy, you thought you were clean and organized with one child..."

I used to completely pride myself in my orderly, clean home. I LOVE neatness!! I was one of those teachers that couldn't leave my classroom until my classroom bookshelf was organized and books were in the correct baskets. I know, I know, I have a problem.

Well, life with two children has challenged me in more ways that I had thought. One of those is being clean and organized. I walk into the bathroom to find old pee-pee from Bradley in his little potty...ewwww! I used to always follow him in and clean it up right away. Now I couldn't even tell you when he went to the potty. He was leaving for his first day of camp this morning. I didn't even have is back pack ready. I had to look in the file cabinet for the directions about what to bring. They have a pool there for the kids to play in during camp (cool, right?). I sent him without a towel!! He told me he needed one when I picked him up today, oops! There are so many examples like this throughout the week. I swear I lost my mind! Just like in my last post, I said Ellie was 12 weeks. No, she doesn't turn 12 weeks until this Thursday. Poor second child;)

Cooking has become quick and interesting. No more meals with lots of ingredients or prep time involved. I still write down our meals, but I now have to order everything online. You couldn't pay me to drag this two kids to the grocery store right now...even though I LOVE grocery shopping and cooking. I know, I know...another problem!

We are living in complete chaos and I just have to roll with it! We are moving in TWO weeks. This is what my guest bedroom/office looks like right now as I take the time to blog...


I should probably be packing, or washing Ellie's car seat carrier which is covered in another round of poop explosion from today. When we were picking up Bradley from his first day at camp today, she decided to have a huge poop that shot up her back and all over the car seat! *sigh*


This is the other view of my bar stools for the kitchen island...a huge box that has baskets for the shelving in the bedding for our room (thanks mom!!)...Ellie's curtains pulled out so I could match the paint samples...oh, and a gift for Ellie from gap kids that doesn't fit that I need to return (ummm, when?). I am just closing my eyes and picturing my new clean house completely unpacked and chaos free, ahhhhhh!

Just to top things off, last Thursday night I woke up with a round of mastitis. I have been trying to figure out how I got it. After doing a little bit of research I think it might be from doing the rowing machine at the gym. I found that there can be a lot of links between upper body exercise and mastitis. Anyone heard of this? I am just trying to figure it out so that I don't have that happen again! Yuck!

After some antibiotics I was finally feeling better this weekend.

In fun news, I have a bunch of pictures of the new house that I will share this week!

It is almost done!!!!


Lindsay said...

whew.. that post wore me out just reading it! Let me know if you need help! Love that first picture of Ellie!! So sweet.. glad your feeling better!

amanda said...

a) that picture is beyond adorable.

b) ouch! this is why i don't believe in exercise :) hope you are feeling better!

c) sooo excited to see new house pics! deep breaths friend. deep breaths.

d) i was soooo that teacher too!! and still am that mom but am fully prepared for it to all go out the window in august :)

Christy said...

Wow - you sound super duper busy. And I can't believe your new house is almost done! That was soooo fast!

Jodee Leader said...

Holy cow! You are soooo busy right now! Hang in there!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

laura said...

that picture...adorable!

mastitis..not so much!

you're in the home stretch, girlfriend! new house soooo soon! thinking of you!

3 Peanuts said...

You will get there just takes time. I know exactly what you mean...three is what changed me from organized and neat into chaos. You will get back to your old organized self, I promise. It just takes a while to find a new rhythm and groove. Cut yourself a lot of slack for the next few months. I promise, it will get better and in the meantime, I wills ned up some prayers for you.

Carly said...

You are one busy lady!!! I had mastitis several times with MR. I got it from being engorged (not emptying the breast completely). It is horrible! Im sending prayers your way:)

The Mrs. said...

You are busy! She is precious though!!! Love her name.