Thursday, June 3, 2010

In Four Weeks I Will...

Be sleeping in my NEW HOUSE!!!!!

Wow! First, I cannot believe how FAST our house has been built! Chris is amazing, and I cannot begin to thank him for all of his hard work to get us in our new home. Did you know that he poured the foundation when Ellie was born...umm that is FAST!?!!

For the past two months after we got Bradley in bed, we have been finalizing everything for the house...and dealing with Ellie. Picking light fixtures, fans, countertops, mantles, etc. etc. There are so many decisions to make. I am partly worried that I made a lot of them on very little sleep, but hopefully the house will come together nicely. At the moment I just have to finalize the blinds for the first floor, pick our fans, and decide on the paint colors. Oh picking paint is SO hard. I really stress about this part. I am probably going to use some of the same colors from our last house. But, I may switch it up, who knows!

Luckily the evenings are getting easier around here, and hopefully just in time for me to do some major packing. I definitely have some major anxiety about moving with two small children. One of whom will be just barely three months meeeee! My Mom has offered to watch Bradley, and I will just have to figure out how to deal with Ellie and the movers. hmmmm?

Although most of our stuff is in storage. We still have an entire four bedroom town house packed to the rim with stuff. I am going to be very busy in the next few weeks and weekends getting ready. But, this time the move it also so exciting. We have a brand new house to move into. A great neighborhood, a pool, a gym down the street, a fishing pond, soccer fields, a golf course, an awesome elementary school that backs up to the neighborhood. Along with the middle school and high school that is across the street from the main entrance. Let's just say I am so happy about that. I'm not sure how Bradley and Ellie will feel when they are 15, but mama will love it!

Here are some pictures of the house. I took them over a few weekends, so they show a lot of new changes! The pictures are really cool to see how much has been done in just a few weeks time...


Bradley checking out the front walkway

Here he is seeing the dry wall up for the first time!

Wow! We have walls!

Baby Ellie checking out her new room. She looks so tiny in it!

The breakfast room!

This picture is taken from the family room looking at the kitchen

Chris standing in the family room facing the front door

The fireplace in the family room
Fast forward to this weekend...the house has hardi plank up and lots mor fun goodies!

The hardi plank is primed, it will be a kaki brown color

The front entrance

The front porch is finished. The bead board on the ceiling will be stained
and we are putting two fans on the front porch

The stone on the outside

All of the trim is finished! This is looking in the house at the KITCHEN!!

The kitchen cabinets are in! Yay!

The fireplace built ins were completed as well!
So much has happened! All of the bathrooms have been tiled too, I just didn't get any photos. I will do it on the next visit! Chris said the hard wood floors and the lighting fixtures will be in soon too! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!


Jenny said...

Wow Clare! It looks amazing! I love the kitchen cabinets...the finished product is sure to be amazing.

Jodee Leader said...

How exciting! Your new home looks fabulous! I especially love the kitchen! I can't wait to see more!

amanda said...

and in five weeks i will be coming over for breakfast in your amazing new kitchen/breakfast room :)

it looks beautiful friend - can't wait for you to be settled!!

The Devols said...

How exciting! Looks like it will be a gorgeous home!

Lindsay said...

yay!! It is looking so good! Please tell me when you pick the colors in the breakfast room.. also tell me how I can help.. Take Bradley on moving day? Come over and take care of Ellie (minus feedings).. whatever :-).. Come help you pack.. you know Dad made pros out us ;-)

amy said...

Clare, your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow, I really love it and am happy for you all!

Debbie said...

The new house looks AWESOME and what a speedy job by Chris!! Can't wait to see it in person! Sorry we haven't had a chance to catch up - things have been nuts lately. Will call you soon!! Give everyone a hug and kiss for me!!

Krystyn said...

Wow..what a beautiful house.

I hope my invite to the housewarming party doesn't get lost in the mail!

laura said...

omg! gorgeous!!!