Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who is Who??


If it wasn't for the boys and girls clothing, these two look strikingly similar at two months old! Everyone that meets Ellie says that she looks a lot like her brother...poor thing, getting compared to a boy! But, when I look back through the photos I definitely see a lot of similarities. She also has some different features. Her complexion is lighter, and her hair is a totally different shade. Of course that seems to already be changing to a shade of brown, from the red at birth. I can't believe how much these babies change in the first year, I can't wait to see how she grows. Will she become more like me or more like her Daddy?


My Mom keeps saying that Ellie looks just like me as a baby. I don't have a scanner, but my Aunt posted this picture of me with my Grammy, Bina Clare after Ellie's birth...what do you think?



Lindsay said...

Aww a picture of Bradley as a baby! You almost forget what they look like don't you! They look similar but I can def tell the difference! Both certainly looked like you as baby.. now I don't know what Chris looked like as a baby!

amanda said...

i think yes and no...i mean clearly they are brother and sister but they def look like themselves :) both totally adorable :)

laura said...

too too cute! isn't it so much fun to go back through old pics to see how much/little these little munchkins look like each other?! :)