Monday, May 24, 2010

Strawberries and Sunshine

There is truly something to be said for getting out of the house these days! Sometimes it feels like a miracle that we even leave the driveway...dressed and presentable!


But we made a short drive over to a gorgeous farm to pick strawberries last weekend. It is actually right down the street from our new house! The view was beautiful, and the berries were yummy! I mostly took photos and pointed out ripe berries, while I walked around with Ellie in the carrier. She was a little angel and slept on and off for her first trip to the strawberry patch.


The boys did all of the hard labor (make that Chris), Bradley ate most of his sweet finds!!



The best part was the homemade fresh strawberry milkshake! Yummo!


Lindsay said...

aww so much fun! The strawberry milkshake looks delicious! I need to post our strawberry patch pictures too.. thanks for the reminder.. hopefully get them up this week and be a little less behind! That last picture is super cute of you and the kiddos

paige said...

ya'll are too cute
& it looks like you live in such a beautiful area
homemade strawberry shake..oh my!

Jenny said...

now i must find a strawberry patch for us to go to!

amanda said...

yay for getting dressed and double yay for strawberry milkshakes!! yumo!!