Monday, May 17, 2010

So Much I've Missed


I have to get back to posting, because there have been a lot of fun things to share lately too! Despite all of the stress with Ellie, we have had a lot going on. I am trying to find a balance between doing the things that we love, and keeping some sort of routine with sweet Ellie. We have her two month appointment on Wednesday, and I want to write down some of the milestones in her life after that! We have been getting some smiles, so hopefully I can get one on camera soon!

I never got to wish my sweet nephew Sammy a happy third birthday!! The Monday after his party was when everything started with Ellie, and I never shared the pictures. Sammy had a "Cars" themed birthday, and he was so excited! Lindsay did an awesome job with the party and the decorations. The family had a great time!

Blowing out his cupcake!


Ellie with her Aunt Lindsay!

Our outtakes of the boys and Ellie, they were so cute with her!

Love this one!! This picture totally sums up Sammy! Always happy!

Another exciting thing is our new house! We have been going by to see it once or twice a week. Chris of course it out there every day and keeps me posted. It is really coming up quickly, and we are hoping to move next month! I can't even say how excited I am to move in!

This was a few weeks ago...missing the front porch!

This was two weeks ago, with our front porch on and it framed up on the inside!


It is now "in drywall"! Which Chris says is the hump day for construction. The dry wall is getting finished this week, and the hardi plank will go on this week too. So new pictures will be coming soon!


Lindsay said...

aww loved all of these pictures! You got some great ones from Sammy's party and I stole them :-)! The house is looking awesome! Can't wait until you move in :-) Let me know how we can help during that time! Excited to see a smile on the blog from miss Ellie! Bradley looks so big on those front steps!

Jenny said... definitely have a lot going on. I am sure that you will be happy to move into your new home..can't wait to see more pictures!

laura said...

look at that house! so exciting!!! move in day is just around the corner!!

oh, and schedule? what schedule? don't 2nd children just spend their days in car seats?! ;) hehe!

Christy said...

You guys are always so busy! I would never be able to keep up:)

Excited about your house! I thought it took much longer to build a new house.

amanda said...

yipppeeee!! look at that house honey!!

i smell new carpet :)