Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Passed Out

Yesterday during quiet time I noticed that Bradley was extremely quiet. Usually I can hear his little voice singing, reading books, or playing with his toys. When I checked the monitor, I saw he was dead asleep. So I went up to get him up from his nap since it was getting late in the afternoon, and I found him compeletly passed out with his "Hershey Dog" tucked under his arm. It was so funny, I brought Chris up look too. Gotta love this little boy!


Yes, Hershey has bandaids on her, apparently she has had a few falls!

I couldn't do a post without including some pictures of sweet Ellie...



This is Bradley's new favorite thing...making funny faces at the camera.




Jenny said...

I just love sleepy pictures! He must have been worn out...
Ellie is just so adorably cute!

Lindsay said...

oo no is he wearing the wrong socks! I wont tell him ;-) What a funny boy! Glad I searched the internet high and low for that hershey puppy! What a sweet boy he must have been tired! I am not sure Ellie could get any cuter!! That 2nd to last picture looks like it totally could have been Sammy! The silly face picture cracks me up!

Christy said...

Porgie hasn't napped in FOREVER. She just plays around in her room for an hour or two.

amanda said...

somebody was super sleepy :)

and how much are you loving all the pink that has entered your world?? so sweet mama!

laura said...

too too cute!

love ellie's little dress!

Krystyn said...

Awww..he was totally out. That never happens at our house.

And, sweet Ellie. She's getting so big already!