Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We have found some really fun things to do around the house lately. Bradley has learned about hopscotch, and thinks it is great!! It has actually helped him a lot with learning his numbers too. There is a lot of concentration and hard work that goes into hopscotch, but we are still learning how to hop on one foot! He also knows you have to throw a stone to start, but doesn't quite get why you throw it. I love that he is just happy to jump along and count the numbers, so sweet!

There is a lot of concentration needed for the 'stone throwing.'

Jumping with gusto

Landing on two numbers at once!



I won mama, I made it to ten!
Then he will do a little cheer, and it is the cutest thing ever!


laura said...

oooh, good idea! i forgot about hopscotch! i'm all about things to do around the homefront these days!

amanda said...

yay for hopscotch!

love the little moments friend :)

Lindsay said...

aww loved this! We will have to try to learn so they can play together! Miss you!

Jenny said...

such a cutie! he is getting so big!

CousinFest '09 said...

Good action shots--I always have trouble with those.

Love MOM