Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back In Action


My love for these two little ones is overwhelming. I know there will be more things to worry about as they grow up into amazing little people. But, for now our sweet Ellie has done a number on Chris and I. I was nearing a mommy breakdown last week with pumping, feeding, worrying, researching and waiting. Oh the waiting. It can be so horrible. After my post on Thursday we had to keep waiting. The tests weren't in on Friday, so our clinic appointment was canceled. The doctor said he would check for us on Saturday...still no phone call.

We did not find out anything until I called yesterday afternoon. An almost full two weeks time to find out if your baby girl has a problem. It just seems inconcievable to wait that long. But, finally after all of th worry, phone calls, and prayers some good news. The doctor was excited to tell me that Ellie had a normal enzyme level. We didn't get the wonderful news of two bad tests, but it was still the best possible outcome if there was something going on. They measure the enzymes from 0 to 18. Zero enzymes would be a child with full blown Galactosemia. Anywhere from 12-18 enzymes is considered normal. Ellie has 13! I guess 13 can be a lucky number for us! She has less than the maximum 18, but enough to process breast milk and doesn't have a motified diet. Part of me is overjoyed at the news, and the other half was hoping it was nothing but two bad tests.

The doctors were not concerned in the least, and were ready to let us go on our merry way. But, I still have some questions, and we are going to run some genetic tests on the blood that they already drew on Ellie. I am not as concerend about this affecting her right now, but later in life when she wants to have children. I just want to make sure I understand everything before moving on. Chris made me feel better too with the fact that if we lived in a different state we wouldn't know any of this. I guess after two weeks of being worried sick, I just want the reassurance that everything is A OK. I even asked if we needed to have her galactose levels checked in another month just to make sure that it isn't rising for some reason. She told me that she didn't think that was medically necessary, but if it would make me feel better we could. That Ellie would have had an elevation with the last test, and she was going to be just fine.

I am also so thankful that I didn't give up on breastfeeding. All of that pumping was horrible, but I am so glad in the end that it worked out. Ellie is so much happier on breast milk. Much less fussy and gassy. My friend told me that she couldn't believe that I had pumped that much, and hadn't given up. There were a few times when I thought maybe I should give up and just bottle feed her. I felt like it was putting such a burden on Chris and our whole family. I thought that I was holding on to it for me more than what she needed. I am so glad that I stayed strong. Because at 2 am when you are up pumping and you can hear your husband struggling to bottle feed your fussy baby you begin to doubt yourself.

Little Ellie you have truly made your mark on our little family in these first six weeks. Chris and I were doing the math...one week in the NICU and two weeks dealing with this. That is about half of your little life that we have been worried to pieces about you. If it wasn't for all of this, you have really been the sweetest baby ever! You are sleeping and napping well. You are a great little nurser, and just starting to smile. I am just so thankful that you are 'normal' and we can look back on all this like a bad dream.


Heather T. said...

Clare, I'm so thankful for your update! And relieved that things look like they are turning up for you guys! I miss you and can't wait to see you again soon! Love you!!

Chelle said...

Such a wonderful update--I'm so happy for you guys!

paige said...

so glad little ellie is ok!!!
your family is precious & your mama heart is huge!!
blessings to you today!

Jenny said...

I am with Chelle...So glad to hear a great update on little Ellie!

Now hopefully you guys can get in a groove!

Lindsay said...

oo so glad you got a chance to write it all down! So glad for the wonderful news!! I know you wanted nothing to be rough.. but so glad that everything is falling into place!

Candra said...

so happy for you Clare! i had multiple issues with breastfeeding my second and third so i pumped for close to 3 months everyday for those little babes, BELIEVE me i know how hard that is! hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on out :) enjoy those cute baby girl summer clothes!

amanda said...

yipppeee!!! doing the happy dance for you friend!!

Jennifer said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you guys and that Ellie is well and that you are still nursing!!!

Jolanthe said...

As much of a pain as it was to have that test redone, I just kept praying that God had a reason and the tests would come back with encouraging results!!