Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reality, Just a Dose


As I start the second week with two kiddos by myself, I thought I would just write down some of the things that have posed challenges....

ellie doesn't like to be woken up to go to preschool

next time I am going to nap her in her car seat to avoid 20 minute screaming sessions in the car

I have no patience for bradley when I pick him up from preschool with his 'accident' pants on. then he tells me that ellie goes pee pee in her pants. the teachers say not to worry, it is normal. but, I am super annoyed with him.

there isn't a point of doing on line grocery shopping if the pick-up time hits right when ellie is starving and crying in the car. I should have just shopped on my own. grrrr

bradley watches way more tv right now than I normally allow

getting soaked with spit up down your chest is so disgusting, ewwwww

it seems like I start dinner every night and then ellie is up and hungry. I ate dinner last night while I was nursing her at the same time. that is talent I didn't have with bradley

I just got ellie to sleep and bradley marches in from his room demanding water for his quiet time. grrrr again!!

just a dose of reality! everything seems harder when you are tired, right?!

good thing these kids are cute!!


Katie said...

Oh, it is all such a delicate balancing act! You'll get there, my friend! And you start to realize just how easy life with one kiddo really was! But so much fuller with two! :)
PS. Last week, I was nursing R and P went poopy at the same exact time (always happens!). I told him he had to wait for me and he proceeded to yell from the potty for the next 5 minutes for me to come and wipe him. I feel so bad for Reid sometimes b/c it seems like he always has to wait!

Chelle said...

Aw, I'm sorry honey. I promise that it will get easier...having another cutie baby turns everything upside down for awhile, but before you know it? You can't imagine your life before her. {{hugs}}

Candra said...

Oh Clare this was so funny! Things will fall into place and a balance will form. Ava and Aidan were major spitter and I can totally relate to the lovely puke smell and stain constantly. Thinking of you in this exhausting time!

Christy said...

I think I wrote this exact post 2 1/2 years ago. It is tough when you are trying to establish new patterns and routines with two kiddos. The good news is that things just get easier and easier.

Courtney said...

My nephew has had a horrible time adjusting to my niece and has picked up a lot of baby habits again. I guess it is normal but I feel your pain, it is frustrating!

Jennifer said...

Things will get better friend! I agree I can nurse Hudson anywhere while doing anything. I had to have my pillow and chair and everything perfect with Landree.

Landree watched so much more TV than normal after Hudson too. Just make sure it's PBS and he'll at least learn something new, right?

Praying this week is better :)

3 Peanuts said...

Oh Clare, I want to say it will all get better and the tired part will get better but the chaotic part of having a couple kids just lasts um...until they go to college. I still have trouble getting dinner on the table without someone needing help with homework, snacks, help in the bathroom, a meltdown...you name it. You will learn to roll with it. And it will become the new normal. Hugs.
Get some rest!

amanda said...

thanks for the reality...i know it's coming and pretty sure i will just have to deal with it huh? maybe with lots of tears :)

hang in there mama - they all seem to tell us it will get easier!

laura said...

oh girlfriend, we are so living parallel lives...without the accident pants! sydney is all about the potty these days and i am so not in the mood for "mommy, i have to make a pee pee!" one hundred times a day! ha!

Lindsay said...

I'm behind on reading! boo! Nothing like a dose of reality to make you more thankful for the days that run smoothly! Yay for getting so sleep!!