Monday, April 26, 2010

One Month Ago...


One month ago you came into this world, and changed our lives forever. You turned our little family upside down with worry and fear. You made me realize how scary and out of control parenthood can feel, and how wonderful and powerful the love of a mother can be. Sweet Ellie you are such a joy!! It is so amazing to have a little girl in the house. The whole family is so in love with you. I have so many hopes and dreams for you little one. I was just thinking today about playing dress up with you, and watching you take your first dance class. I know that those things will be here soon enough. I keep trying not to get too caught up in the stress of these first few months. They will be gone soon, and I will be missing this little baby girl to nurse throughout the night. You are showing us little pieces of your personality. You are trying so hard to hold up your head and turn it to look for daddy or your brother. You definitely know the sound of their voices! I sing "You are my sunshine" to you at night, because you are! I love you sweet Ellie Clare.


Your brother may be more in love with you than I ever thought possible! He has his moments right now, but when it comes to you he is totally in love! He wants to be a part of everything you do. When we go to your crib, he runs up and climbs on the side to say hello. He watches you get your diaper changed, and even brings diapers to me "just in case she needs it mommy." Bradley will sit on the bed while I feed you, and just plain wants a part of the action! Just for kicks I included a picture below of Bradley elbowing Sammy out of the way of Ellie. It was taken at Sammy's party, and the whole family thought it was hilarious. I don't want him to elbow Sammy, but I know he will be one protective older brother and it makes me smile with joy!


Our family and sweet Sammy too!


"No Sammy this is my sister!"

One month Stats:

I wanted to include some of this just for me to remember!

8 lbs. 11 1/2 oz. (the exact weight of your big brother at birth!)

19 inches long

Ellie is in the 50% for weight and the 3rd% for chubby baby! I don't think we have a feeding problem anymore!

I have started putting her in a size one diaper at night because she is leaking through her newborn diapers! She is feeding every three hours during the day. I still sometimes have to wake her up for some of her feedings during the day. Her wake time at home is only about 45 minutes at the longest. Sometimes before her first nap she can only stay up less than 30 minutes.

I have been working on putting her to bed awake....with some sleep props. I have found she sleeps great in her bouncy seat and her swing (turned off), while swaddled! This totally happened by accident, but one day she was so fussy and I had tried everything. So I swaddled her up and put her in the bouncy seat. As so as I turned around she was fast asleep. I think this is because it keeps her upright and reduces spit-up etc. If we are at home, after about 45 minutes or when she seems drowsy I wrap her up and put her in her bouncy seat with the vibration on. If I time it right she will fall asleep without any crying. But, usually she will fuss a little bit before nodding off. I feel like I am doing much better with scheduling with Ellie. At this point with Bradley I was still feeding him constantly, and then nursing him down to sleep. I held him ALL of the time. I remember watching hours of TV while he slept in my arms. When it was finally time to get on a schedule he was a total mess, and it took us a while (and a LOT of crying). We had so many things to break...nursing to sleep, rocking to sleep, and just plain learning to sleep in the crib. I hope she is learning to self-soothe with a little help from the bouncy seat.


The evening time is when things get a bit tricky. She usually feeds around seven. We have started a little bed time routine of bath, a quick massage, and nursing her. Sometimes I can get her down for the night, and other nights are more difficult. More often than not there is quite a bit of fussing from 7-9 or 10 pm. There have been a number of nights when we aren't able to get her back to sleep at all. We have resorted to rocking her for a while, or just letting her be awake while we hold her. Then I will usually try and feed her again at 9 or 9:30 and that will get her to sleep for the night. It is so difficult during those hours though. Bradley is finally in bed, the house is quiet, Chris and I are exhausted, and she is her most difficult. We try to work in shifts of 15 to 20 minutes with her and then switch until it is time to feed again. I am hoping this horrible part will be over in a few more weeks and 7 pm will be her first bedtime, with a dream feed at 10 or so.

Once we get her down for the night she is starting to really figure things out. On a great night (like last night) she only woke up at 2am and then slept until 6:45!! There are other nights where she will be up at 1 am and then 4 and then varies. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with night time, and I am hoping by 12 weeks or earlier she will have that part figured out. I can handle fussing during the day as long as we are getting sleep!

Well, that about sums up my feeding, sleeping and nursing schedule. I know it is a lot of details, but I want to look back and remember what worked/didn't work for us! Just in case there is another baby in our future (wink, wink).


Jenny said...

First off look AMAZING! I love all the family pictures of you guys...the one of Bradley being protective of his sister is so cute!

Can I tell you how much I love that bouncer?! That is the one Will had and he used to love to sleep in that!

Lindsay said...

aww love all of these details of my sweet little niece! Glad we got to see you guys for a little bit this weekend! I know it was a lot of work for you guys and I am so glad you were able to come! Sammy has been having a BLAST with his new toys! hehe is Sammy picking his nose in that first picture of Bradley in Ellie? LOL stinker!

laura said...

love that first picture! ellie's saying "mama, i'm hungry!"

gotta love these little month-day memories. we're doing a lot of the same down here, particularly the 7-10pm fussyness. now that we were given the a-o-k to stop nighttime waking/feeding, we're hoping to get some longer sleep stretches in too!

xo from my 1 month old to yours!

amanda said...

one month already?? this just not seem possible!!

and for the record, thanks for sharing all of this - it's helping to jog my memory :) and apparently i need that!

happy one month sweet girl!

Kristen said...

Beautiful baby girl! We did the same thing of rocking and rocking with Luke and our little Kayleigh has learned to go to sleep all by pays off:) Keep up the great work Mommy!

Christy said...

It is important for me to read about newborns, because I think I have forgotten almost everything! Sometimes I think it might be nice to have a third, but then I remember that newborns are hard work. Maybe I should wait a few more years...

Jodee Leader said...

I agree with Jenny -- you look fabulous! Adorable mommy/daughter picture! She is soooo beautiful!

Isn't it amazing how much smarter we are the second time around?! We were sooo clueless with Carson and Kamree was a walk in the park!

I mailed Ellie's gift today, along with a little something for Bradley. Hopefully, you will have it soon!

Hope you have a great week!

Debbie said...

Love the pics, Clare! You look fabulous!! So glad you captured all these wonderful memories. I just know that things will get better and better at nighttime. You are such an awesome momma! Give that baby girl a big smooch for me!