Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Two Week Birthday Sweet Ellie!


Sweet Ellie is two weeks old today! She is doing well, and I am slowly trying to figure out life with two kiddos in the house. Ellie has been such a dream little baby so far. She spends most of her day snuggled up sleeping anywhere we put her. I know that will probably be ending in the next few weeks, but for now it is great.

I am spending most of my days trying to feed this little angel. She has just been so sleepy, and she was even losing some weight. So, now we are supplementing each nursing with an additional bottle of breast milk...which means that feedings include: nursing, bottle feeding, and pumping. This mama is worn out! It is great when Chris is home to help with the bottle feeding, but on my own it takes a little more than an hour for the whole process. Luckily, in the past few days her daytime feedings have gotten much better. She has fed so well, that she won't take very much from the bottle. I am hoping that she will grow out of this feeding phase quickly, and learn to stay awake and eat within the next few weeks.

Our bigger battles since being home is keeping Bradley entertained and controlling his behavior. He is absolutely wonderful to Ellie. He kisses her head, talks to her, and today I found him reading her books while she was sleeping. Most of his bad behavior has been shown towards Chris and I. There were so many different people watching him and in and out of the house. Now that things are settling down, we have noticed that he is calming down as well. We have had a few extremely rough days with him, and he has sat on the time out step more than I want to count. Hopefully this phase will pass soon, and Ellie will be eating and Bradley will be back to his normal self.

We have already gone on a few outings with Ellie and Bradley. The first week we were home we walked down to the playground in our neighborhood. Of course we needed Gigi and Pop Pop's help for our first adventure...


Sweet Ellie slept through the whole trip. Of course I forgot to put in the headrest for her car seat before we left. Poor thing was slumped over! Is this what happens to your second child? Don't worry I put it in when we got home! Just packing the diaper bag, putting Ellie in the car seat, and everyone walking down to the park seemed like a huge task. Baby steps!


We have had LOTS of great visitors of family and friends! Here are all of the cousins lined up on the couch, Sammy, Ellie and Bradley!



Gigi and Pop Pop with Ellie


Aunt Annmarie too!


Ellie one week old! Her hair is turning redder each day! It is so cute!


Cali and the girls stopped by to meet sweet Ellie!


Amalie and Larken were very excited about baby Ellie!


All of the kids lined up on the couch, adorable!!


Jenn said...

She is so cute !

Courtney said...

Happy 2 weeks Ellie. Glad to hear you guys are continuing to settle into the new norm!

Lindsay said...

Love all of these sweet pictures of my sweet little niece! Love the playground picture such a good one of Gigi and Pop Pop with Bradley!

Krystyn said...

2 weeks already? Wow. It happens to fast.

And, the difference between one and two is huge, isn't it?

amanda said...

happy two weeks sweet girl :)

so happy that you are all making the transition from three to four...bumps and all, i am sure it is truly amazing! (and slightly exhausting) :)

Heather said...

Man Clare! I thought my discharge from the hospital was rough. . . I loved reading your blog- you write with so much passion. I am glad you are a family now and thrilled she is happy and healthy. Take care!
Love Heather

Jenny said...

Happy 2 weeks Ellie...she is just gorgeous!

You sound like you are doing an amazing job of two kiddos now!

amy said...

Ellie is just adorable!!!! So precious!

laura said...

happy 2 week birthday, ellie! thinking happy thoughts for you all!

i hear ya on the bottle feeding/pumping/sterilizing/start all over again . . . talk about exhaustion! the lactation consultants only want ben to breastfeed 1-2x/day, 10 minutes, tops to avoid exhausting him. so, we're doing the same thing over here . . . i cannot wait until he's more full-term and i'm not hooked up to the medela 8x/day! uh!

CousinFest '09 said...

Clare & Chris,
Hopefully you can look back at this 1st week with as Ellie and just remember the good times and the tough times will fade in your memory.

Jodee Leader said...

Ellie is just adorable! Enjoy every second with her!

Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

It gets easier! I promise!