Monday, April 5, 2010

Family of Four...Finally

Sunday morning we received more good news. We were going to get to ''room in'' with Ellie at the NICU. They had a large room with a double bed, and we were going to get to spend the night with our little girl. I didn't leave the hospital all day. I was finally getting the chance to really feed and bond with my little girl. My parents stopped by for a chance to hold this adorable little bundle!



During 'rounds' Sunday morning the doctors decided to take her off of all of the antibiotics. All of her blood cultures weren't growing anything and she wasn't showing any signs of an infection. All of her brain tests had come out clean. We were really just waiting on two more EKGs of her heart and a heart echo. Once both of those were given Sunday afternoon we were looking closer and closer to going home. By the evening they had moved us down the hall to our room, and we were getting some quiet time with Ellie. It was bliss!! She was still hooked up to all of her monitors, but the equipment was turned off in the room. The NICU nurse was just watching her from the main room.

Friends stopped by for a visit with Ellie now that it seemed like things were calming down. Aunt Kim and Uncle Adam paid her a visit too!!


Snuggling with Aunt Kim!


All nice and cozy with Debbie...Ellie's God Mother! This picture was taken directly after Ellie had a complete and total meltdown. They spent a long time doing her heart echo (which she didn't enjoy), and directly after that they came in for her EKG. The poor thing had a ton of stickers all over her chest for the EKG. When they took them all off she cried bloody murder. It is so hard to watch your newborn endure all of these tests. Chris literally had tears in his eyes as the techs were trying to take off all of the stickers. Still a week later I haven't ever heard her cry that much. She hardly fusses!

The evening nurse Erica came in to switch to the night shift. Chris was home gathering things up for us, and Erica told me that she was going to get Ellie ready for discharge! I couldn't believe it. Just to go along with the theme of this birth, I burst into tears. We were going to go home!!! I wasn't going to get too excited until I was putting the car seat in the car, but we were getting close!

We got to spend the night together and learn about our sweet baby girl. It felt like we were finally getting the chance to be a real we just need to add Bradley to the mix! The next morning during rounds Chris and I were waiting patiently for the official news from the doctors. Both of Ellie's EKGs and heart echo had turned out perfect. We were free to go!! No sooner had they finished telling us, did we head to the car to get the car seat. Chris didn't bring it in, because we were worried it might jinx us. Here she is all packed up and ready to go!


There were many tears shed on the drive home and pulling into the house. The whole moment felt so surreal after all we had been through. But, she finally got the chance to officially meet her big brother.

Inspecting Ellie's hands

The cutest moment was on the couch when Ellie had a big stretch. She made the most adorable little baby noise, and I asked Bradley what was Ellie saying. He told me, "She said, Bradley I need you!" What a cutie!

We have now been home for one week, and life with a newborn is posing some challenges. Ellie wasn't gaining weight, and actually lost some. So we have been nursing, giving breast milk in a bottle, pumping, etc, etc. It is quite a long feeding process, but she is starting to gain some weight back. Always something to worry about! Hopefully we will be eating well in no time!
Cheers to our family of four, home at last!


amanda said...

oh honey i am sooo happy for you!! all four of you home where you belong! her and bradley together = total magic :)

MoDLin said...

I have read your whole story and am so very happy to know that you're all home and doing well now. Phew - what a rollercoaster ride!
Your photos tell so much. Thanks for sharing them.

Debbie said...

You are such a trooper, Clare! You have been through so much and are amazingly strong! Hoping all the bad stuff is behind you and you guys are moving on to enjoy your beautiful family of 4. Sending you all lots of love and hugs!

Lindsay said...

aww loved all of these pictures! I am glad you guys are all home and settled now! Ohh glad to hear she is gaining now!! I will talk to you soon!

Courtney said...

So glad you guys are home and settling in!

Jodee Leader said...

Welcome home!

Will you please e-mail me your address when you get a minute? I ordered a gift for Ellie.

Jenny said...

just amazing! congrats on being home with your little girl...such a blessing!

Christy said...

Thank goodness she is home and safe. Congratulations friend. I am so happy for you.

Amanda said...

I'm so happy that you are all home and well!

Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

What an awesome big brother!