Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Bliss or Not?


Just to keep it real...Easter morning was not blissful at all. We were all finally home, but worried about little Ellie gaining weight. Each feeding was taking forever, and Chris and I were pretty exhausted. We woke up Easter morning very excited to see Bradley find all of his eggs and go through all of his Easter basket. We also had our photographer pictures planned for the afternoon, and it was our first full day as a family of four! What more is there to celebrate?

Well, Bradley had other plans for the day. Things were coming to a head with his behavior, and we were in Bradley boot camp to get him back to his normal self. I had laid out this purple shirt and sweater vest that I wanted him to wear...hmmmm it wasn't a hit with Bradley.

We spent 45 minutes and several time outs discussing what was going to be worn on Easter morning. He threw a fit, and I mean crazy fit about the outfit! I felt like so many things were sliding with him. He was confused about all of the changes and people in the house, and was totally taking advantage of the situation. We found that he was bossy, mean, and telling us what to do. So, we laid down the law Easter morning! As you can see Bradley ended up wearing the outfit I had picked for him, but it was not without a fight. Sweet Ellie was listening to the mobile in her crib while her brother brought down the house. Maybe this was the turning point, but it seems like things started to turn around after Easter morning with Bradley. I truly believe that children need/thrive on structure. His life had been a bit of chaos and he was letting us know. Oh, my little head strong boy! Later we were looking at pictures of Easter on the computer and he said, "I told you I didn't want to wear that shirt." It wasn't mean, it was just a statement. I totally wanted to crack up. He sure hadn't forgotten about it! I told him the standard Mommy line, "Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to." Who does that sounds like?

I will always remember our first Easter and holiday as a family of four. But, I also want to remember the 'real' moments too. When things don't go as planned and our children push us to the limit. The rest of the day ended up being lovely, and we got some gorgeous pictures of our family of four. What an adventure parenthood is at times?!


Looking for eggs in his adorable Easter outfit!




Look what the Easter bunny brought us!



Best activity ever! Throwing parachute man off of the deck for hours on end! Great exercise!


Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Tim came over the afternoon to see sweet Ellie! Poor Tim hadn't gotten a chance to even see her yet, except in the nursery at the hospital.



amanda said...

thanks for keeping it real friend :)

i think these transitions are usually glad to hear things are back to "new" normal!

Jodee Leader said...

I'm so glad to see we aren't the only family with wardrobe battles! Bradley looked sooo handsome all decked out for Easter!

Lindsay said...

So I just wrote out a comment and then it didn't appear.. Weird! Anyway... loved the keeping it real part of this post! I love that you won that battle because that outfit is super cute! Glad we got to see you guys for a little while on Easter! Love the pictures you got of us! I am going to download them :-)

Jenny said...

Glad to hear that Bradley became his normal self again...i am with you...they definitely need a schedule and some structure!

loved his purple shirt...such a cutie!

Christy said...

Well, he looked adorable in his spiffy new Easter outfit. The first few months are the hardest. Hang in there mama!