Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spit and Vinegar and Sweetness, all Rolled into One!

These last few days of just "me and Bradley" have been so rewarding and challenging. It seems that he has been testing Chris and I in these last few weeks. Showing a little bit more independence and opinion on the day to day routines. Before we left the house on Wednesday morning, he had visited time out four times. That is a lot for this little guy! We have received a bit of talking back, getting angry at us, resisting quiet time, naptime, and just plain anything that would be a 'normal' part of the day. I am wondering if he can sense the big change that is about to take place in our lives? The room is ready, everyone keeps asking him about being a big brother, and my belly has its own zip code.

But then there are these moments...


when he is just so fun and adorable. You can forget quickly about the spit and vinegar attitude. I think I have also been trying to pack in as much bonding and fun time as I possibly can. After the library and the little gym yesterday we went to the park for over two and a half HOURS!! The weather was so gorgeous and lots of friends were with us. After picking up sandwiches and smoothies and sunchips, life was good!!! After school today we broke our normal routine and went to the park again with friends and lunch. We stayed until 2:30 and were utterly exhausted when we got home. But, after some quiet time we headed back out to another park for another play date. I normally would never schedule so much into one or even two days, but I know that it won't be so easy to jump in the car soon enough.

Tomorrow we are taking it easy while we drop off the car to be fixed up before Ellie arrives. I am thinking a picnic lunch and some fun projects will make up our day together. This may be one of our last weekends as a family of three!


I could just eat up this little fireman...I mean train conductor....or safari diego man....we aren't sure over here...


Jenny said...

Clare...what great snap shots of your Bradley!

Sounds like you guys have been having some great mother/son time.

smoothies and sunchips at the park...sounds like a blast!

amanda said...

so glad you guys are soaking up these last few days of just mommy and bradley. i totally get it :)

will be thinking of you and waiting for the big news!

Lindsay said...

Those pictures are so sweet! I am sure Bradley is sensing something... he is one smart cookie! Have a great weekend just the 3 of you!

Krystyn said...

I remember those last couple days/weeks as a parent of one. You really want to eat it all up while you can.

3 Peanuts said...

You are getting so close!!!! Enjoy these last few days and or weeks. I cannot wait to see Ellie Belly up here on the blog:)