Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Little Pirate...with Sunglasses


I took this picture of my sweet little boy this afternoon!! What a difference from yesterday! He woke us up early to tell us he was REALLY thirsty. And after a glass of water he was back asleep until 8 am. Poor little thing was just plain worn out.

I had wanted to do a post early this week about "Bradley's Favorite Things." Bradley is OBSESSED with his new sunglasses that I bought during my shopping weekend. He has been wearing them non-stop! It is hilarious! He has even had them on at night in the car. I guess some boys can be just as much into their accessories as girls?

Between sunglasses and Captain Hook, we are going through a lot of little obsessions lately. Do you notice the pirate hat and the 'ahoy matey' shirt? I bought Bradley three or four different pirate shirts from Gymboree a few weeks ago. Well, that is ALL that he wants to wear. He cries and gets upset if they are all dirty and can't be worn. It is so fun to see him have an opinion about what he wants to wear, but also very frustrating. He is also very into "comfy pants" as he calls them (sweat pants or wind pants). They are worn almost every day, unless I can talk him into jeans or khakis for school. Again so cute, but extremely frustrating too! I want him to dress nice for preschool and other activities, and he doesn't like to! I guess I will have to learn to pick my battles on the clothing front.

I am just glad this little pirate is feeling better!



Krystyn said...

So glad he's feeling better...nothing like your favorite things to help out.

laura said...

adorable! sydney likes to wear her sunglasses on her head, "just like mommy!"

and, oh the attitude on clothes. don't get me started!!! we just put syd to bed in dirty ballerina jammies because she pitched the fit of all fits when we told her she couldn't wear them. i'm definitely learning to pick my battles these days!

glad to see bradley is on the mend! hope you stay healthy!

thanks again for all your bloggy love and support this past week! xoxox!

Lindsay said...

Yay for Bradley feeling so much better! He looks so cute in his sun glasses :-)

amanda said...

yay for sunshine, sunglasses and a happy, healthy little boy!! whoo hooo!!

ps - thanks for the comment and the understanding :)

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Jenny said...

Such great photos of Bradley. I love those sunglasses too...very stylin'!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

What a cutie. My daughter is obsessed with her sunglasses too and wore them at the grocery store the other day, the strange looks I got from other shoppers because of her choice to wear them inside were pretty funny.