Monday, March 1, 2010

It's the Little Things In Life

It's getting the weekend "off," yes you read that right, the WHOLE weekend to myself!!! Chris took Bradley to his Mom's house for the weekend. I stayed home and relaxed, wrote thank you cards, spent ALL day Saturday shopping at the outlets with Greta, and slept in. It was probably the last time in a LONG time that I will be child free!

It's your son sleeping all week long WITHOUT pacifiers!! I couldn't be more proud of my little man. (This is the same little boy that had six pacifiers in his bed, and lined them up on his nightstand every morning....He had favorites, like his 'star be.' He has called them bes since he could talk. He would squeeze them as he fell asleep at night. He would rub them on his face while you read his bedtime stories. I was worried we might still have a 'be' in college....but I guess I was wrong about that!) He left them in Ellie's room Monday night and hasn't looked back since. There were a few tears falling asleep on Monday, but he has done great since then.

It's the Smoothie King opening up across the street from our house. Do you know how much I LOVE smoothies??

It's your son learning how to use a stapler:


It's your son taking this new skill to a whole new level by stapling together every piece of paper in a pack of post-it notes. That takes determination!!


It's getting the frame stroller you wanted for this new baby for $20 from a friend, yay!!


It's going to see "Annie" tonight with your little sister!! I can't wait!! Did you know my hair was like Annie as a kid, and I watched the movie roughly 1 million times.

It's being possibly less than 30 days away from meeting your next child!! I am so excited I could scream!!

It's all these little things, that make life grand! Happy Monday!


laura said...

oh my goodness - an entire weekend off! i am so jealous! that is my dream. me in my house. all by myself. like naptime, only better! :)

every time i see your lilypie baby ticker, it reminds me that i'm 2 weeks behind you! how fast have these pregnancies gone?!?!?! the clock is seriously ticking now!

enjoy annie tonight!

amanda said...

a wonderful list friend!!

have fun tonight :)

ps - can i just say it one more are having a baby!!! like super soon!!! ahhhhhh!!

Krystyn said...

Those are some awesome things. WTG B for getting rid of the paci!

Katie said...

I saw the Smoothie King this weekend when I was walking into my favorite place, Starbucks, and totally thought of you!! :)
Good for Bradley and giving up the pacifiers!
And thanks for the tip on the letter game...I thought I may have had too many cards down. We'll try again with fewer this week!
Hope to see you soon.
Much love!

Debbie said...

So glad you had an awesome weekend! PS - I think I also watched Annie a million times when i was little - and I used to make my parents watch performances while I pretended to be Annie! Nice!

Chelle said...

Loving your list! Yay for getting him off the paci. I cannot wait for Bella to be done...

And Annie! I love that movie--Bella is in her room watching it now. I posted a video this weekend of her singing "Tomorrow". Love it!

xoxo & I can't believe you are less than 30 days away!! *squeal*

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

It's been many years since I had to deal with pacifiers, but I still remember the joy of when we were finally able to get rid of them!

Jodee Leader said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your weekend off! You deserve some R&R!

Way to go, Bradley. You must be soooo proud of him!

Courtney said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. It is hard to believe that the big day is only about a month away.

Jenny said...

yay to a weekend of girl time! we are working on the "b" as well. sounds like Bradley is becoming a great big brother!

hope you had a great time seeing Annie!

Lindsay said...

So glad you had an amazing weekend! Yay for Bradley! I love that picture of him stapling the post it notes! I had a blast last night!!! So much fun! Thanks so much for inviting me! Love you!

Kristen Andrews said...

it is the little things isn't it!

Christy said...

WOW! An entire weekend! Lucky you!