Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Birthday for Two Adorable Kiddos

What a gorgeous family!! We got to celebrate Gigi and Jack's birthday this weekend. Both of these adorable kids are in Bradley's class, and will actually be our new neighbors when we move into our house. They just bought a home right down the street from us! We are thrilled about that! Kelley had the party completed organized with a Cars cake for Jack and a princess cake for Gigi. The table was even covered half princess and half cars decorations for both kids!

Can you tell these kids had a blast?! I love these action shots from The Little Gym!



It is so amazing to see how much these kids have grown up! We have all been going to preschool and The Little Gym together for almost a year. They were listening to directions, playing hide and seek, and the parents just watched the whole thing! What a great concept!


Such determination!


Walking on the balance beam!!


We had a fabulous weekend with Uncle Shawn and Aunt Rebecca too! They watched Bradley for us while we got to have a nice, long relaxing dinner on Saturday night. Then we all hung out together on Sunday. It was great to visit with them before baby Ellie makes her arrival!


Jenny said...

What a bunch of cuties! The action shots are too cool.

I can't wait for Will to have all these experiences.

amanda said...

oh my goodness those are some adorable little loves! and you are right - super cute family! looks like a wonderful time was had by all :)

Lindsay said...

What a super fun birthday party!! Looks like Bradley had a blast!

Jodee Leader said...

What a fun party! Cute pictures from the gym!