Monday, February 8, 2010

This Mommy is Losing Her Marbles....Seriously!!


We really don't have too much to vent about....we kept our power (unlike my Dad and many of our friends who were without power for most of the weekend)...we stayed warm...we had plenty to eat...but SERIOUSLY mother nature, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!

We had our first snow the weekend of Bradley's birthday. It was only a few inches, but it ruined Bradley's chance to visit with family during his birthday. Then we had the "Blizzard of 2009" a few weekends later in December. That was just insane, and we didn't leave the house for days. Last weekend we got another 11 inches that ruined our weekend plans. We had booked tickets to ride the train to Washington, DC with our friends. Followed by ANOTHER huge snow storm this weekend. I feel like I live in upstate New York!! We usually just get a few inches or maybe one storm a winter.

During the first few storms I tried to keep Bradley entertained around the house, and limit watching TV. I have completely given up on that theory. Bradley has discovered that he is totally into pirates, so we watched "Peter Pan" three times this weekend. He also watched another new favorite "Go Diego Go" a bunch. This Mommy surrenders to mother nature, there are only so many puzzles and games you can play!

After watching Peter Pan, Chris and I did come up with the idea to make a pirate is our attempt with an old box and some paints:


It even has a sail (the old dog towel), and a steering wheel!


Then we made a tent with some old sheets. That was fun for a little while (maybe 30 minutes)!


I think Bradley is also over all of the snow. He wasn't interested in going outside until late on Saturday afternoon. He did some sledding and made a snowman. I hardly took any pictures!

Now we are supposed to get another 3 to 6 inches tomorrow!!

Guess we will be watching more Peter Pan and Go Diego Go!



Mother Nature, please send the sunshine and a little glimmer of spring soon!!


Lindsay said...

oo I hear you! I am glad that we didn't get the 30 inches they were calling for.. but man how many snow storms are we going to get this winter! I am ready to get into the dirt and plant things this Spring! Bradley's pirate ship was super cute!

Jenny said...

love that pirate ship, such a great idea!
i am ready for spring too!

laura said...

hey - at least you were creative enough to come up with a pirate ship in the midst of snowmaggedon 2010! when i see pics of my parents' houses in i live in carolina. we just got rain and slush. good luck tomorrow!!

Courtney said...

I am with you. I am soooo DONE WITH THE SNOW! I don't have a toddler to keep occupied but it has been rough. I went through the McDonald's drive thru last night just to see another face. I had not had human contact for 3 and 1/2days!

amanda said...

dude the pirate ship? awesome!! and i sooo hear you on the tv watching - old man winter totally wins - i give up!! bring on the sesame street :)

The Devols said...

Super impressive! We were stuck inside with 27 inches and no cable, internet or phone! I am back at work today and couldnt be happier :)

Working Mommy said...

We got a total of 30 inches where I am...and though we did get a slight glimmer of sun yesterday to melt a bit of snow, we are probably going to get another 15 inches tonight into tomorrow...YAY!!


sanjeet said...

love that pirate ship, such a great idea!

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