Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the Nesting Begin!!


Now that Christmas has officially ended, I am in 100% baby preparation mode!! There isn't too much to get, but we did decide to purchase some new bedding for this sweet baby girl. I didn't know what I was having when Bradley was born. So his room was green and neutral. All of his bedding was from pottery barn with green gingham baskets and such. So, I really wanted something pink with a bit of green incorporated. That way I can use my old rocker, baskets, and accessories. I came across this bedding from Pottery Barn and fell in love!! It has the cutest little birds, and I love the color combination. We went out to the store, because I wanted to look at it in person and make sure I loved it. I even think the bird outlines are simple enough that I may be able to paint them myself in her new bedroom. So many fun things to think about!! I love planning for a new baby...

sit and stand stroller

We also went to this amazing stroller store. There were lots of high $$$$ strollers to look at. After looking at the Phil and Ted stroller, which started at $450....we just weren't sure. I just didn't want to invest in this great double stroller when Bradley probably won't be using it that often. The person helping us at the store said that most children are done riding in strollers by the age of four. With that info, we just headed to Babies R Us to check out what they had available. We got this Baby Trend Sit and Stand stroller. Bradley LOVED it at the store!! You can ride two children as shown above, OR take out the back seat and have Bradley stand or sit behind if he is getting tired:

standing up

I think we made a smart choice with the strollers. The employee said that many of the double strollers are really made for two small children or a baby and toddler. Sunday we went looking at lots for our new home!! Chris spent hours Sunday night fiddling around with our floor plans. We hope to get things underway ASAP, so we can move in by May or June!! It is going to be a busy spring people!

I am hoping to do some posts this week about my pregnancy. 12 weeks to go and counting!!!


Lindsay said...

ADORABLE!!! Love the colors and the birds, and Little Ellie! The stroller looks perfect.. just what you need!

Chelle said...

Love the nursery bedding! It's sooo pretty!

Jenny said...

So...exciting! I love everything from Pottery Barn. The bedding is so sweet with the little birds and it is pink! I am sure you are just over the moon.

Katie said...

12 weeks to go...I can't believe it!! It's good that you're getting a lot done now b/c you're about to hit the exhausted stage...again!
I think you made a good choice with the stroller, too. We opted against even getting a double stroller b/c Pierce is able to walk along with us and it has been fine!
Can't wait to see you soon!

laura said...

love the bedding! it was on my fave list if baby magid was a girl! i actually might get the toddler quilt for when syd transitions out of her crib since it coordinates well with her nursery bedding. nice choice!

yeah, i hear ya on the strollers. syd HATES sitting in hers now, so who knows if she will even tolerate it in 3 months!! i think we are going to wait and see for now . . .

happy house-lot hunting!

oh, and hearing you've got 12 weeks to go makes me realize I've got 14! yikes!

Working Mommy said...

I love the bedding and what a great stroller!!! Best of luck on your new digs!


Jodee Leader said...

I love pink and green for girls! We bought Kamree's quilt at Pottery Barn Kids too. She has two green walls and two pink walls. You will love that color combo!

What a fabulous stroller! It should be perfect!

I can't believe you are down to the last trimester! Whooo hooo!

amanda said...

LOVE the bedding. i repeat LOVE it!

Amanda said...

I love all the pink!
Having 4 boys I do miss the colour pink.

Jennifer said...

That is my favorite bedding from PBK! LOVE IT!

You'll love the stroller too. That's what I have-you'll feel like you're driving a bus, but it's so nice when the older one gets tired and you'll appreciate not having to carry them while pushing the stroller too :)

The count down is on-12 weeks yeah!

Krystyn said...

I love that bedding. It's adorable!

And, good luck with the house stuff.