Monday, January 25, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Down Right Adorable


The "Down Right Adorable" is this little man dressed up in his cowboy gear. We were heading out to The Little Gym, and of course he had to be dressed to impress. I feel like I have had so many parenting stories to share lately....some great....some extremely embarrassing...and some successes.

The Good:

We are taking a music class together with Larken and Amalie this winter. I did a few sessions with Bradley when he was younger and he wasn't a big fan. It is really expensive, and I didn't want to force him to go to something he wasn't excited about. Well, he is in LOVE with "Mr. Dave" and everything music! The first class was a bit rocky, he was unsure of the dancing part, and wanted to be held. But, we are on week three and having great success! He knows the words to the songs, loves the teacher, can pat his hands to the rhythm of the music and sing!

Bradley has started doing 'chores':


The tot clock and the chore chart seem to be working some magic. I don't want to talk about it too much, because then tomorrow will be jinxed, BUT it IS working! He will stay in his bed for all of quiet time (usually an hour and a half), wait until 7:30 to get out of bed in the morning (no more 6:45 wake up calls), and he is staying in his seat for dinner. Tonight he even tried salmon for the first time and loved it! This weekend Bradley took it upon himself to clean-up his room after quiet time too. He put all of his books back on his night stand, put his toys back in the bins (I have been giving him a few toys to play with in bed), took off his pull-up and peed on the potty, AND put on his underwear before coming downstairs. I made such a big deal about it that he has done it every day since. Once his chore chart is filled up than he gets to pick out one toy at the toy store. Today his told me that he wants Cranky the Crane for his train table...umm that is $99. I told him we would have to see about that! This child is no fool!

The Bad:

If you look closely at the chore chart there is a random chore at the top about soccer class....Well, I thought it would be great bonding time for Chris and Bradley to take soccer on Saturday mornings. Two weeks ago was the first class. Bradley fussed and cried and said he didn't want to go. He went anyway, and I wasn't surprised when Chris called after class to say it was a DISASTER! Apparently in the middle of jumping jacks Bradley lost his marbles about who knows what, and couldn't get it back for the rest of class. Needless to say it made for an unhappy Daddy and son. The hilarious part was Bradley came home saying how much he liked soccer. He played soccer with Daddy all day in the basement. Chris couldn't believe he knew every move they learned in class, dribbling, stopping the ball, etc. I guess he was paying attention to the teacher throughout his crying fits. So I added 'be good in soccer' to the chore chart. This week was apparently a lot better. Fingers crossed that we can keep up the momentum!!

Last but not least is my most embarrassing parenting moment #4,832

Chris was out of town this weekend for Uncle Shawn's Birthday. Happy Birthday Shawn!!! Bradley and I were out at dinner with my girlfriend Debbie. As soon as we sat down at the table in the restaurant Bradley started singing. Debbie and I couldn't make out what he was saying and then it hit me; He was singing "Let me take a ride on your Disco stick" over and over again. Ummmm.....whoops!! That song was on the radio for less than a minute the other night before I switched stations. I guess someone liked the tune and found it catchy!!


Jodee Leader said...

Cute picture of your handsome cowboy!

amanda said...

that lady gaga sure is catchy :)

Working Mommy said...

Love that picture!! Don't you love the lack of a filter when it comes to kiddos in public?!?! ;)


Jenny said...

okay..what is it with little boys and lady gaga...Will loves the song pocker face! but all he says is face. good thing!

love the pic of bradley...super cutie!

Debbie said...

I don't know how we contained our laughter as well as we did. Hopefully we didn't give him too much positive reinforcement that he is singing it at daycare or suggesting his entire music class sing that song! ha ha!

Lindsay said...

What an adorable picture of Bradley! Love the chore chart! Those doggy stickers look familiar ;-)! LOL that is to funny about him singing!! Love that boy!

Anonymous said...

That is PoPop's favorite song!!! I just smile from ear to ear when I pop on your blog and see that wonderful little Grandson. He needs a horse!

laura said...

as i've said before, lady gaga has a profound effect on youngsters!! HA!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

He looks very very cute :)

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Just made a chore chart for Kyler! Probably should of done this a while ago, but I think I was in denial about him being old enough for it!

sanjeet said...

that lady gaga sure is catchy :

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