Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cards, Clocks, and Some Other Stuff


I had to start my post with a quick shout-out to my sister Lindsay.
She made these cute shower invitations for me! Aren't they adorable, Thanks Lindsay! I was so excited when I got the invite in the mail yesterday.


Onto the clocks...I broke down and bought the "Tot Clock" for Bradley. We are still in a napping transition at our house. Some days Bradley still really needs a nap, others he is content to have quiet time. I am finding that I love the early bedtime!! But, it still has some challenges. Bradley is such a slow eater, so we have to start dinner by 5:45 to make sure we have enough time for dinner and bath, etc and get to bed by 7 (if you wait any later he turns into an scary creature). It is an adjustment. Also, there have been days when I still really want him to take a nap. For example Friday night we are having dinner with friends, and the husbands can't meet up until 6. Well, that doesn't give us much time to chow some food and visit. So, I will have to convince Bradley he needs a nap on Friday.

About a week ago Bradley got himself all twisted up in his pajamas. Chris found him crying in the middle of the hallway at 6 am. He didn't want to go back to sleep so he ended up watching Sesame Street with me. Well, that one morning started a new habit of coming in each morning as soon as he woke up (and it kept getting earlier and earlier). We definitely milked the, "stay in your room until we come to get you" for quite some time. We tried the tot clock yesterday for the first time and he is REALLY excited about it. I thought that it might help with quiet time as well. It is means stay in bed, yellow means you can get up! He told his teachers all about it when I dropped him off for school this morning. I hope the excitement lasts!


My 'nook' finally came in the mail last week and I am officially ADDICTED! I just finished "Not My Daughter" by Barbara Delinsky. It was really good, and so fun to read on my nook. Now what to download next...?!


laura said...

oooh, love the pretty in pink invites! way to go, lindsay!

i'll definitely have to check out that tot clock...we're on day 3 of no nap . . . quiet time may be the answer!

hope you are feeling well!

Lindsay said...

oo yay! Glad you liked the invitations :-). That clock looks super cool! Yay for the nook! I am finishing up The Help. I can lend it to you when your ready.. but you only get 2 weeks to read it (nook rules). Let me know :-)

Working Mommy said...

Such cute little invites!!


Jenny said...

love the invites...those are so cute!

I am going to have to read that book!

Christy said...

The invitations are adorable. I got a Sony Reader for Christmas, and I love it too:)