Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A New Christmas Tradition - The Gingerbread House!


We invited a few of our favorite girls over for a little Gingerbread making! It was SO much fun, I know we will do it again next year. I really haven't seen Bradley so engaged in a 'project'! He worked on his house for over an hour. I took all of these pictures today with my new lens. It is amazing! But, it definitely just focuses on one object, so Bradley is a bit fuzzy in some of the photos. Here he is with his final product...yummm!

First, invite over your favorite friends for some holiday fun!


Gather as much candy from the kit and around the house to eat and decorate with!

Get Started!!!

Working away!

I am in love with these photos!



Sweet Larken with her house!

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! This month has just flown by so quickly. Chris is finishing a house this afternoon to settle and then he is off until the New Year! YAY for family time!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about opening 'the envelope' on Christmas morning! BOY or GIRL??? I have been feeling girl, but all of the sudden I think it might be a boy!!? Guess we have to wait a few more days to find out!

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Holiday Snowstorm to Remember


This weekend we were hit with the biggest snow storm this area has seen EVER!! By final counts we had about 2 FEET of snow!! AMAZING!! It truly was a winter wonderland (and I guess it still is...). Most everything in our area is still shut down today, since the snow didn't stop until 5 pm on Saturday afternoon. Chris attempted to go out and check on things at work, and has already turned around to come home. He said that the roads are still really bad, cars are abandoned everywhere. Even on the major highways! He saw two expensive cars on the side of a major highway with both fenders ripped off by the snow plows.

I know one little person who has loved all of this you can see from the first picture. That is the lovely 'tie-die' sled that I finally found at the grocery store on Friday morning. It is a good thing that I hunted around for it, because it has gotten lots of use this weekend. There is almost too much snow for Bradley, but they still found a way to have fun out there. I didn't venture out in it, being pregnant and not having a pair of decent snow boots kept me inside.

Here are the two boys about to head out on Saturday morning. It was still a blizzard outside but Bradley HAD to go out!



Poor Chris attempting to make a path for Bradley out of the basement door.

I love this photo, he was so excited! You can see how hard it was coming down even with Bradley standing under the deck!

By Sunday they were able to have a lot of fun in the snow. Here they are making some snow angels. Once they plowed the main road through the neighborhood they went sledding. There was still enough snow/ice after the plowing to make for some great hills!

Sledding down the little hill behind the house.

Mommy check out my gloves!

Rosy cheeks and hot chocolate, yummm!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Chloe Turns Three!!


One of Bradley's favorite little friends, Chloe turned three on Tuesday! Chloe and I share the same birthday...gotta love all of these December babies! Chloe had her party at our favorite place, The Little Gym! The kids had a blast...


I love this picture of these two playing on the beam. Bradley was trying to hold her hand...awww

Riding the cushions

Jack playing a little basketball


Bubble Time!!!

Greta got Chloe's cupcakes at the best little bakery in town. They made them to match her invitations, aren't they fun??

Happy Birthday Sweet Chloe!!
In other news....they are calling for a massive snow storm in our part of the woods. I went shopping today to buy a sled and some snow boots. Three stores later, I finally found a sled at the grocery store, and boots one and a half sizes too big at the mall. They are ugly as heck, but I didn't have much of a choice! Lesson learned for next year, buy this stuff early. I remember seeing cute snow boots and snow suits at Target a month ago, but didn't get them. Not smart!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Since we are already on the subject, I thought I would share a funny store from last week. This little boy is full of more questions than Mommy has answers for. I was wearing a maternity shirt the other week. It tied around my back, and was a scoop neck. I guess it was a little more revealing than shirts that I have been wearing. I was leaning over Bradley drying him off after his bath while he was laying on his bed. Out of no where he reached up and pointed at my chest. The conversation went:

Bradley: "Mommy, what are those?" (referring to my boobs)

Me in my head (OH MY GOD, WHAT IN THE HECK?!! What are we going to tell them they are called, breasts, boobs, think quick Clare you need an answer!!)

Me after the delay: "Those are called boobies."

Bradley: "Oh....I like boobies" (giggles)

Me: Still in shock, not sure what to say to that

Bradley: "Will I have boobies when I grow up?"

Me in my head (Thankfully I can answer this one easily)

Me: "No, only Mommies get boobies when they grow up. Mommy will use them to feed the new baby."

Bradley: "Oh" look of total confusion by the last statement. "How many books can we read tonight?"

I guess I didn't traumatize him too badly with his first anatomy lesson. I am not ready to start having all of these conversations. Obviously he is...ahhhh!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby Update and Birthdays

I have had so much to blog about!! I am hoping this week to get all caught up in what we have had going on. Today I turn 30!!! WOW!! We celebrated this weekend, and Chris really outdid himself. Before I get to that I had to include our little family photo from last night. We took Bradley to see the Rockettes Christmas show here in town. He LOVED it!! The costumes, singing, and dancing were all wonderful! My mom was able to go with us to the show last night, and so we took some pictures in front of the tree before leaving.


Baby news...

Well, we had our 22 week check up a few weeks ago, and things are looking great!! We had an ultrasound and an appointment that morning. I asked Bradley if he would like to come to the doctor's appointment or go to school. He said that he wanted to come to the appointment with us. It was great to see this little baby bopping around, and Bradley's reaction to it all. The baby looked wonderful, measuring at exactly one pound. I am feeling this little girl/boy move all of the time. The movements still felt rather faint until this week, but the other night Chris was able to feel the baby kick a few times. This stage in the pregnancy is really fun. I am feeling so much better, and able to enjoy my baby belly. My only real complaint to the doctor was all of the horrible heartburn. They told me to start taking Zantac and I have been feeling 100% better. No more gulps of the Mylanta bottle for now.

On to how I look....pregnant and not in a cute way. I have just realized with this pregnancy that I don't get the 'cute' little pregnant belly. I looked just like this with Bradley. I tend to get a long belly, and that is probably why I have the horrible bouts with heartburn. I also get huge boobs, and I mean HUGE. Overall I just feel enormous and I know that I still have a ways to go. I am trying to just feel blessed and know that it will all go away with a bit of hard work at the gym in the end. *sigh* I'm not sure how many more baby bump pictures or pictures of me in general will be posted. I can hardly look at the pictures of me before I gave birth to Bradley....scary stuff. It is amazing what our bodies will go through and how much they change in such a short time.

On to more fun stuff...Birthday Celebrations


This was my present from Chris, a brand new 60mm lens for my camera. I am SO excited about it, and can't wait to get busy taking some pictures with it. I will have to do a post on my experiments with the new lens. It is for up close photography, and portraits. It is so clear and really focuses on one subject. Chris also bought me an hour long session with the owner of the camera store. I am supposed to bring him all of my questions and get a one on one lesson with him after the holidays. I can't wait!! Thanks Chris!!


Another birthday surprise was a visit from our friends Debbie and Trent. They live nearby and they are some of our closest friends. I thought the four of us were headed out to dinner, but I was wrong...


Surprise!!! Chris rounded up a bunch of my friends during this busy holiday for a yummy dinner at my favorite Tapas restaurant in town. It was great company, and 3 out of the five girls were pregnant. So lots of yummy food was eaten!! We had a great time, and spent a good deal of the night laughing at the guys. Picture below will tell all:


Chris got home from work early today and surprised me with new earrings. I think I am getting spoiled this year;) Bradley and Chris just sang "Happy Birthday" while we ate some yummy cupcakes. Bradley told me that he couldn't say happy birthday until I had my party. When I told him there wasn't going to be a party he looked really confused. I guess when he celebrated his big day for an entire weekend, he doesn't understand why we wouldn't do the same for me. Gotta love that little boy!

Off to get dressed up for one last birthday dinner tonight!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! This has been a perfect example of our sweet boy in the past few weeks. Just full of Joy about all of the happenings in our home around the holidays. Each year we have decorated for Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving. It is starting to become a tradition. I just like to have it all done before Bradley's birthday, and then we really can enjoy it! This year we started the new tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree at a farm. Bradley had a blast picking out the tree...

Such excitement!!!

Which way Daddy??

Wait for MEEEEE!!!! He never wants to be left out!

The perfect tree, yes!!


Once we got our tree home and started decorating the excitement was overwhelming. Just getting the lights up on the tree was a big deal for Bradley. When Chris finally plugged them all in, he started jumping up and down and cheering. It just made my heart melt! Then the decorating began, and he was over the top. Each ornament had to inspected by Bradley. "Mommy, what is this one?" "Who is this for?" "Where should we put it?" He got a little frustrated with trying to hang up some of the ornaments, but he had a blast looking at them all and hearing their stories. I just love this age and how wondrous the whole holiday is for them.


Putting on the ornaments!

Our finished product! He is so proud!


A new tradition we started this year is the advent calendar. My mom did this with us growing up, and I always loved opening it up. It just really built the anticipation for Santa's arrival. Here is Bradley opening it on the first day. I filled it with little candies and stickers. He actually got his first piece of bubble gum the other day. That was quite exciting!

I am hoping to blog quite a bit this week. We had a busy weekend celebrating my birthday and holiday parties. It was great! We are also taking Bradley to see the Rockettes Christmas show tonight. I can't wait to share it all. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Fun Round Two!!!

After having a great day with family on Saturday, we moved on our second party on Sunday with all of Bradley's little friends. With the move and all of the craziness we rented out a play studio in town. It is called Explorations, and it is amazing! Bradley has been going there for a 2-4 year old class every Monday for the fall. The materials and ideas are inspired by Reggio Emilia and Montessori philosophies. The 'toys' are mostly wooden or made from natural materials. The front of the studio always has great tactial centers that change weekly. She will fill them with homemade doughs, play dohs, corn, flax seeds, and lots of other beautiful materials. The party followed the same schedule as her classes with free play and then a wrap up at the end. I think the kids had a blast and really enjoyed themselves....especially my little cowboy:)


Larken and Amalie arriving on the scene...straight to the skittles!! I love it!

Once everyone arrived, Ms. Nicole told everyone
where to find everything and a few of the rules.

Gigi and Jack listening to Ms. Nicole

Bradley's two favorite girls listening in on the activities

Off to play....

Margaret playing with the 'turtle' table.

Bradley's favorite thing to do at Explorations, cars!!

Chole playing with the cinnamon dough

Amalie giving it a whirl!!

Sweet Sammy playing at the penguin table

Luke and Kalli playing with the penguins too!



Addisan checking out the place

All the girls are cooking up some food


Sammy at the hammer and nails center

So cute!



On to the cake, of course it was Thomas the Train!!

I love Bradley's face in this picture!

Poor guy had the hardest time blowing out the candles!

A little help from Mommy

Chow time!!


Once we got home we opened up all of his gifts. He loved "My Own Sandbox" from Cali and the girls. It has been out in our kitchen area since the party. It is your own mini sandbox, very fun!
Now we are just gearing up for Chritmas, it is right around the corner!!