Monday, November 23, 2009

Done and Done

After an exhausting four days, I thought I should write a top ten list of reasons NOT to move. But, now that things are getting settled, and I can go to the grocery store in less than two minutes (literally) I am feeling more positive. The move was just so tiring, and adding on top of that being 20 weeks pregnant didn't help the situation.

We had the movers come on Thursday to fill up the truck for storage. They brought 7 guys!!! It was a long day, but the house looked almost empty after they left. We stored over 400 items in their warehouse for the next six months....In those boxes accidentally went all of my underwear and socks, whoops!! Other than that mix up, I think we managed to sort everything pretty well.

Friday the movers came back with a new truck to move us to our rental home. That went really smoothly. The only casualty of the move was poor Bradley's train table. It was propped up next to the truck and the wind just knocked it down while they were getting ready to load it. It split in half! So, I guess we will be ordering a new train table ASAP. Especially considering Bradley's big Christmas gift completely revolves around the train table!

We are completely unpacked, hooked up, and TIVO watching already! Whew!!

Chris ran to Best Buy and back in less than 20 minutes....I could get used to this!

Off to begin getting ready for Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Home!!

We have been busy since Wednesday packing the house!! We have finished the entire basement, and have started the upstairs. If I think about it too much I tend to get completely overwhelmed! So, I am just trying to focus on a room by room basis (which is hard for a planner like me!!).

I am also trying to sell a few different pieces of furniture since we won't be needing them in our new house. I posted a bunch of them on craigslist, which is great! But, you tend to get a 1,000 emails about one piece of furniture. I have some people coming to look at couches today, and to pick up our riding lawn mower. I can't tell you how happy I will be to watch that mower get hauled away!! We are going to have a small push mower at the next house, whoo hoo!!

I decided to give myself a little break this morning and change my blog header. I also wanted to download the pictures that our realtor took of our house when we listed it. Her husband is a photographer, and the pictures turned out incredible!! I wanted to make sure I had a copy of them for memory sake.

Chris and I were talking about how we will be living in a new house in a week from now. It is sad to think about leaving our home, but I am excited for what the future will hold. I have already posted many of the important reasons about why we are moving, but Chris and I built this home, and picked every single thing down to the grout colors. I am intimidated with the thought of doing it all again, but here we go!! Sweet home you will be missed! Cheers to your new owners, I hope they enjoyed you as much as we did!!

front of house

house on lot
This is how our house sits on the lot, I love this picture!

The foyer

dinig rm
The front entrance

living room
Living room

family room
Family room


breakfast room
Breakfast room

dining room
Dining room


Master bedroom

sitting room
Sitting room off of the master

mater tub
Master bath

master shower
Master shower

my closet
My closet

guest room
Guest room

baby room

basement bedroom
Guest room in basement

basement room
Basement family room

Basement bar


media room
Media room

deck 2
Back deck


back of house

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let's Start Packing Boxes!!!


Well it is offical! We are moving next Friday.....ummm that is in NINE DAYS people!!! With not a thing packed we have a lot of work ahead of us! I guess I would rather be in this position, than unpacking boxes like last time.

Wish us luck!! Let the countdown begin!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I cannot believe that Bradley will be three in just a few weeks, it is hard to believe!

I wanted to share the cute birthday invites that I ordered for Bradley, but they have our address so I decided against it. Take my word for it, they are really cute!!

Speaking of turning three, when did you child drop their day time nap?? We are at a turning point as far as nap time goes. Bradley still really wants to nap, and he will often tell me that he is tired. But, if he sleeps too long then he cannot fall asleep at night. He is so good, and will lay in bed at night until he finally falls asleep. But, last night he came out of his room at 9:48 when I was getting ready to head up to bed....WHAT??! I don't want him to be laying in bed all night awake, just because he took a great nap. We got him right to sleep last night, but I can feel the nap time situation beginning to shift.

I am thinking that I might just give him 'quiet time' in his room and see what happens. Tell him to read his books or play on his bed. If he happens to sleep than I will know he was just exhausted, if not we will have an early bedtime. Suggestions??! I just really still want some down time in the house for him to play quietly. My girlfriend Kristin was telling me about these tot clocks. They might be a good idea for quiet time?

We are waiting to hear on the final items for the contract this week. We haven't packed a thing, but have the movers set up for next week (thurs. and fri). AHHHHH!!! We are going to have family come down this weekend to help us, but AHHHHHH! I just don't feel ready, but I know we can get it done.

There has been gorgeous weather here the past few days, just beautiful! We had lunch outside with friends this weekend, and it was almost hot. Weird, but great! I feel like we somehow missed out on fall in October.

I met a girlfriend at a local craft type show this weekend on the downtown mall. It was great to just walk around and shop all of the vendors. There was a jewelry line booth showcasing a company called, Stella and Dot. I LOVED their jewelry and it was really affordable. I am going to get some pieces for friends for Christmas this year.

My most recent OB check-up went well. I am just shy of 20 weeks, hard to believe that I am half-way through this pregnancy. The past few weeks have been good to me, and I haven't had too much to complain about. My indigestion and headaches have subsided, and my body seems to be fully in the second trimester. I definitely have my energy back (which is a good thing with the upcoming move). We will have our big ultrasound on Dec. 3rd right around 22 weeks. I had originally thought that we weren't going to find out the sex of the baby. We didn't find out with Bradley, and I loved that! But, someone told me about putting the answer in an envelope and opening it on Christmas day with family. I thought this was a great idea too. So, I'm not sure what we will decide to do. We have a few weeks to figure it out!

My blogging may be a bit off and on in the next few weeks if we end up moving. I will keep everyone updated with our news!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Disney Magic on Ice


The Friday before Halloween we went with our favorite girls Larken and Cali to see "Finding Nemo on Ice"!!! It was completely magical for both Bradley and Larken. The beginning of the show starts with an intro from Mickey, Minnie, and Goofey. Bradley was SO excited to see them! He was waving his little hand to get their attention, and yelling, "Hi Mickey!!". It made me want to rush home and book tickets to Disneyworld....that didn't quite happen, but it got me excited for those memories.

The costumes, music, and the entire show was just great for kids and adults. I am so glad that we went. From the top picture you can see that we let the kids pick one toy from the show. Of course there were cute nemo, turtle, and fish toys, but my son chooses the shark. Oh well, pick your battles! Bradley has been sleeping with his shark light sword for days. The pictures didn't turn out great, but I wanted to include them in the post for memory sake!





I love you sweet boy, and I hope that you enjoyed the show as much as Mommy loved going with you!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009!!


Well, with all of the celebrating last week, Halloween finally arrived! We didn't have the best weather conditions for trick or treating. The heavy rain held off for long enough to take some pictures and trick or treat for a few houses. This was so much fun to watch as a parent! Bradley was SO excited about the whole experience and really got into it. In the past few years I have often wanted him to grow up just a 'little bit more' so that we could really enjoy some of these wonderful holidays together. After all of that wishing him to grow up, I did get a little sad on Halloween. I feel like he has grown up so quickly, and is now a little boy! Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones too, but I just want to stop time and hold on to him just the way he is!!


Our first stop was at Gigi and Pop Pop's house for Round One of trick or treating. Bradley marched right up to the door and said, "trick or treat" like he has done this a million times.


Then we went over to Cali's neighborhood to hit a few more houses with our friends. Larken, Bradley and Amalie had a blast rushing from house to house. They did get quite a bucket full of candy. Larken was Cinderella and Amalie was a pumpkin....


Getting ready to hit the neighborhood...with the umbrella, just in case!

Baby Wally joined the crew too, and was a tigger for his first Halloween!

House #1: Running to the door like they own the place!

Wait for it....

Yes!!! This is the best holiday ever!