Monday, September 28, 2009

So Proud of My Man!!


Last Thursday I felt like the luckiest girl in the WORLD!! We had a wonderful ultrasound in the afternoon. Chris was able to come with me, and the baby is doing great! Every time I hear that heartbeat, I just beam from ear to ear. After an awesome appoinment we headed off to the Parade of Homes Gala. It is so fun to get dressed up, and this year it was at a local winery. Chris had his model home listed in the Parade of Homes for the second year. I'm not sure if you remember my post last spring about his model home, but here is a quick picture...


Well, this year Chris took home even more awards for his model!! It earned, Best Master Suite, Best Kitchen, AND Best Overall Home in his price category of $401,000-$500,000!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!! What an amazing and magical night for our family!! Chris looked so proud walking up to receive all of his awards. I just cannot believe what he has been able to accomplish in the three short years he has owned his company. We have definitely learned in the past year and a half that life doesn't always go as you 'plan.' But, riding the good times and celebrating them is so important. I love you Chris, and I am so honored to go through this journey of life together! Congrats!!!!!!!!! You deserve this and so much more!!!


Here is the dining room, looking into the family room area

Best Master Suite!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Girlfriends and Costumes


A few weekends ago, I made the short trip up to Northern, VA to see my girlfriends for a surprise baby shower. My best friend Stephanie is having a baby in February!! She now lives in Rhoade Island and I miss getting to see her all of the time. Since moving up there, she met a guy, got married, and is now having her first baby. We surprised her with brunch, shopping, and dinner, along with a gift card to Babies R Us. She hasn't registered yet, so we figured she could put that to good use. We all bought her our favorite children's book too to start her collection. She had no idea about any of it, and was so excited!


Old Roomies...Steph, Lori and I all lived together in our Kappa Delta sorority house at Virginia Tech. Gotta love these girls!! There was a whole crew, but we didn't get a group shot!

In other fun stuff...Bradley got his Halloween costume in the mail. They were priced really great, so I ordered him two different choices. I figured he could use them to play dress up around the house.

What do you think he should be??



train conductor??!
It will probably be whichever one is suiting his mood around Halloween. But, I just had to share those sweet photos!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding on the Farm


Chris's younger brother Shawn got married this past weekend!! We made the trip down on Friday, and had a whole weekend of fun events to attend. I wanted to start with a picture of Shawn and Rebecca coming into the reception tent. They just looked so great, and the weather could not have been more beautiful!

Kim, Shawn and Chris at the Rehersal Dinner. Chris's mother found a sitter for Bradley, and we were able to attend the dinner and another party for Shawn and Rebecca on Friday night. It was great to see family and see Shawn's friends.

Chris is giving his toast at the rehersal dinner...something about a drunk Shawn in highschool standing in his suitcase??! And another story about Chris getting Shawn up on a horse and then hitting it as hard as he could. We are lucky these two are still alive from the stories they tell!

Kim gave a beautiful toast on Friday, and wrote a poem for Shawn too! It was sweet!

Rebecca and Shawn listening to the can see the look of concern!


Bradley was supposed to be the 'ring bearer' in the wedding. Things didn't go so well during the cermony. We could hardly get him to do it for the rehersal on Friday night. So I wasn't surprised when he walked up to the church entrance and didn't want to walk down the aisle with 250+ people watching. The mistress of cermony sent me down with him holding his hand. We were about halfway down the aisle when he started to let go, and I thought he was going to run up to Uncle Shawn. Well, I was wrong! He dug in his little heals and started to scream and cry in the middle of the huge aisle. After some chuckles from the crowd we made it to the front and got him a lollipop. Poor thing! He is just going through a really shy phase and did not want to be the center of attention. Falling down right outside of the church and cutting his knee didn't help the situation. We made it through, and he had an absolute blast at the reception.


He still looks cute even if he didn't want to walk down the aisle!

Chris and his Mom entering the reception

Aunt Kim with Shawn's friend Scott getting ready to enter the tent


The whole wedding party!!

Dancing with Mom...

The first dance

Kim and Adam


My most favorite moment of the night...Bradley dancing with HIS uncle Shawn. He just adores this man, and cannot wait to spend time with him. Well, Shawn danced for quite a while with Bradley, and he talked about it all day on Sunday. Bradley has always loved to listen to music, but he has just recently fallen in love with 'dancing.' He had a whole crowd beside the dance floor checking out his moves, some were a little interesting!

Daddy and Uncle Shawn dancing with the B-man


We were calling this the michael move. He would grab his pants and dance around!!! The best part was he kept making Uncle Shawn do it too!

Look at this child dancing with his Grandma!!! Adorable!!

We had such a great time at the wedding, and I know Bradley has been talking about it for the past two days. The reception was just beautiful, and it reminded me so much of my wedding on Chris's family farm. It brought back some great memories, and I can't believe how fast time flies. Our wedding night was so magical, and now five years have flown by. We are about to have another child, and life couldn't be better. Although seeing Chris all dressed up and dancing around on the dance floor makes me want to marry him again someday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lots of Fun Goodies!!!

This is kind of another catch up post for me! I feel like we have had a lot going on in the past few weeks, and I haven't been able touch on everything (I've also been way too tired!). Over Labor Day Weekend we decided to have a day trip to Bush Gardens. Luckily our good friends Cali and Rick had some free passes that they lent to us for the day. We had a BLAST to say the least!! They just opened a new section called "Elmo's Forest" that is loaded with lots of fun stuff for little ones. Check out the pictures!!

Where else can your two year old do THIS??


Or fly one of THESE??


And scare Mommy half to DEATH by riding this THING??


Yes, that is Bradley in the second row squealing with glee...


Of course there were the cute ladybugs that were right up my ally...


He is just growing up so fast...look at him, not even scared!!


We really had the most amazing time as a family, and Bradley was a trooper. He rode rides for most of the day, and then we told him he would need a nap if he wanted to stay. We pushed him around in the stroller, and he slept for over an hour while Chris and I rested in the shade. He must of thought he was dreaming when he woke up and we were still in Bush Gardens. What fun memories, that I know I will treasure!


We are headed off this weekend for Uncle Shawn's wedding! I wanted to get Bradley a fun little toy for the wedding/reception/car ride that was educational. I picked up the Leap Frog Tag Jr. today with a bunch of books. I still need to download the books onto the system, but we played with the example at the store. It looks really fun and easy to use. I will let you know what we think of it!


I also got him "Puppy Pals Bingo" by the makers of Cranium. I LOVE all of their games for adults and kids. I already have "Hullabaloo" which is AWESOME!! I would highly recommend it for children from 2-school age. My first graders would always play it when we had a rainy recess day, and now Bradley loves it. I thought I would give this Bingo game a try. We already played it three times before his nap. He loved it! It actually comes with two little doggies, but one is up in bed with him right now. All you do is pull a card and match the color, shape, or pattern to the dog houses on your board. Three in a row wins! It was perfect for this almost two year old, and it got us talking about more than just colors. I loved all of the different patterns and Bradley was beginning to learn them by the last game.

Here is a better picture of the game board:


In pregnancy news....have you tried this little piece of yumminess?????

cinnamon crunch bagel

Ok, maybe it is just my pregnancy brain, BUT this bagel is AWESOME!! I was at Panera for lunch today, and a few people in front of me ordered this Cinnamon Crunch Bagel. I was curious so I ordered one too! It is like eating a yummy cinnamon roll as a bagel. YUMM!! I almost went back to the counter to buy some to take home, but I restrained myself! LOL!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day Fun!


I didn't get a chance to post about this last week, but we have had a lot of other exciting events going on in our home!! Bradley had his first day of preschool on Tuesday. I know the teachers and the students were sad, because it was actually a cold and rainy day. But, Bradley was SO excited! Can you tell by his picture?

He knows three children really well from the class, because I am good friends with their mommas. He also knows quite a few children from his class last year. He LOVES his new teachers, Ms Pat and Ms Jill. I am so proud of him! He walked into school without one tear, and just had a blast. I was also nervous about him having an accident (even though we haven't had one in about four months). But, he has to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom and I was just worried he would be nervous. They do have a potty time, because almost everyone is potty trained in the class. He came home on Tuesday singing the "Isty Bitsy Spider" 575 times. It was adorable!! It is amazing how much they seem to retain from other adults guiding them.

In other news I really wanted to establish a schedule with Bradley. We will have a pretty normal routine from week to week now that school has started. Usually every afternoon I tell him what we have planned for the next day. I wanted him to start learning concept of time, days of the week, and all of that fun stuff. Please don't laugh at my horrible drawing, but this is my schedule I made for him...


It is hanging on his closet door, and he can move the bear along with the days of the week. I might move it onto some type of wipe off board, but for now this works. Then I could write down if we have little play dates on Friday or in the afternoon. It works for now, I might improve on it later!

I was gone almost all weekend for an amazing girls trip (more on that later), and I came home to find this in Bradley's room:


The picture isn't the greatest with the window reflection, sorry! Daddy was watching Bradley all weekend, and got him a fish tank!! He LOVES it!! They just bought the fish tank on Saturday and set it up at home, and they were going to get the fish on Sunday. Bradley was so excited about it he kissed it goodnight before going to bed. Isn't that the cutest thing ever?? He constantly runs upstairs to check on his fish! Unfortunately one fish got "sick" and we are taking him back to the pet store. Luckily Bradley didn't quite understand that, and we haven't mentioned much about it. I hope the other fish hold on, or he will really notice if they get "sick" too!

This is a side note, but after my last post about my pregnancy I had to delete two comments that were left by an anonymous blogger. I don't know how to figure out where they came from, but they were really upsetting. The first sentence was actually congratulating me, but then they followed by going off about one of the other comments I received and the wording they used. It was actually a good friend that this anonymous blogger was referring to that I grew up with. I immediately erased it. If you are reading now, thank you for your note, but please don't bash any of my other commenters. They were just excited for me, and after everything we went through you were just taking away from my joy that day. So shame on you!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I've Been Dying To Tell....I AM PREGNANT!!!!

YES, you read that title right, I AM PREGNANT!! Oh, it just feels so good to make it official, announcing it to everyone!! Being pregnant is seriously the hardest secret to keep. What a long journey the past 18 months has been. Infertility is one of the hardest tests that I have gone through in my life. The ups and downs are so hard, and the months just pile up on each other until you feel overwhelmed by it all.

Chris and I were one of the lucky couples to conceive after they treated my endometriosis in June. We had a post surgery consult two weeks after the surgery and the doctor was optimistic, but realistic about our situation. He said that a healthy couple trying to conceive has a 25% chance each month, a woman with endometriosis has a 4% chance. Wow, that is a blow! So, we felt strongly about the plan he had in place for us and following his schedule of upcoming treatments. I was just going to give my body time to heal and then we would be back at it.

Well, sometimes amazing things happen (called answered prayers!!). After getting home from our beach trip I decided to take a pregnancy test. My body was all out of whack from the surgery, but I was due for a period. I wanted to take a test at the beach, but I didn't want to ruin a perfect vacation with another round of sad news. The second I got home I ran upstairs and got this wonderful word....


The tears and joy were overwhelming!! I could not be happier, and our family is ecstatic. I will say the first few weeks were tough. I was just extremely nervous. I had just had a major surgery, and I knew that things could go wrong. Two ultrasounds and 5 weeks later things are looking beautifully. I had my 10 week appointment this morning with my OB, and we were able to hear the heartbeat for a few seconds. What a beautiful sound!

I have actually felt pretty well this whole first trimester. Just extremely hungry and a few nauseous days. Nothing to complain about! Chris said maybe this was my reward for all of the months of waiting. I finally have been given a due date of April 5th! They weren't certain about my due date with the surgery and medications I was on. A spring baby! YAY!!

I am sure there will be many more pregnancy posts to follow...I didn't have my blog when I was pregnant with Bradley so this will be fun! I will have my first big ultrasound in two weeks!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

End of Summer Celebrations!


We usually host a huge summer BBQ in August. Well, with the house on the market I guess we just didn't have time to put it together this year. We decided to throw a little last minute cookout with some good friends. There was lots of 'rides' on Bradley's new Jeep. He was so funny! He would drive around to the swingset, drop off someone, and then pick up a new passenger. He actually let a few of his 'girlfriends' take it for a spin.

I go through phases with picture taking. I hardly took any pictures of the party. I just wasn't in the mood, and with hosting I didn't have too much time. This is what I captured!


Our friends, Greta and Brian brought over their moon bounce. It was a hit!!!


We grilled out some hamburgers and hotdogs. For dessert we borrowed my parents fire pit. I thought it would be a great idea to make smores with the kids. Who doesn't like smores, right?! Well, apparently if you are 2-3 years old, smores are a little too much of a gooey mess! Most of the kids ran up to the smores station and stole some chocolate, and then ran around the yard on sugar high. I guess that is a treat for later on! I think the parents liked the smores more than the kids, yummm!


It feels like summer is officially over! We had Bradley's open house for preschool this morning. It went really well, only a few tears. The parents met the teachers, and then we have a meeting with the director while the kids stay in the room and play. It is a really great way to get them ready for the transition on Tuesday. I hope it goes well!