Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Birthday Adventures

I decided to do Bradley's birthday a little bit differently this year. Last year we had one big party with friends and family. It was a lot of fun, but I think a bit overwelming for Bradley. So, I decided to have a "family only" party on Saturday, and a party with friends on Sunday. I think it went really well! Then all of the family that traveled to our hosue really got to spend some time with Bradley, which was really nice! I love his expression while we were singing happy birthday to him. I think he was feeling shy, but also excited at the same time!

We started the morning with opening some gifts from Mommy and Daddy. We bought him the "Thomas' Great Race" board game.
He loves it, and it is perfect for a three year old!

Then we started decorating and getting the food ready! Here is a little peak...


Of course there were LOTS of presents to open! He was excited about all of them!

He loves the new bike, now we just need lots of practice riding it!

Here is Bradley figuring out his own 'computer.' It is the Nick Jr. lapbook. I would definitely recommend it, lots of great games!

The beloved cowboy outfit!!!! We wore it to the mall
and to The Little Gym today....totally obsessed!!


Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Boy!!

More posts coming on the second birthday party...whew!!


Debbie said...

Clare - I love the b-day pics and the look back through the years. It is amazing how fast the time goes! of course you know I LOVE the cowboy outfit! Uncle Shawn did great!! : )

amanda said...

he is seriously beyond adorable in the cowboy outfit! i love it!!

Lindsay said...

He looks so grown up in his cowboy outfit! :-)

Courtney said...

I think the idea of 2 parties is wonderful, it can be so overwhelming for little ones. I love his shirt!

paige said...

oh goodness clare, he looks so grown up!
such happiness &joy in all your photos

Jenny said...

I just love that cowboy hat! Can't wait to see more pictures of him riding his new exciting!