Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally Back In Action!!

What a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday! My Mom hosted the entire family at her house this Thanksgiving, and it was great!! The food was amazing, and everyone seemed to have a great time. I didn't get too many photos because I was helping out in the kitchen and felt a little out of it. It seemed like the craziness of the move and trying to get settled hit me on Thanksgiving. I was running around all week unpacking and then cooking for the holiday. By Thanksgiving Day I was pooped! Here is our family shot (Chris is behind the camera). Doesn't my Mom's dining room look great with her new window treatments?

The boys spent most of the morning watching the parade and playing in the basement.

My beautiful cousin Kristine with Bradley.

These two crazy boys! They had their first experience at the 'kids' table this year. It went OK besides the boys pushing the table back and forth nearly killing each other. It got to be funny, wow do we have our hands full!

More Christmas and holiday posts coming soon!
We have a certain little boys THREE year old birthday this weekend! I can't believe it!