Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! This has been a perfect example of our sweet boy in the past few weeks. Just full of Joy about all of the happenings in our home around the holidays. Each year we have decorated for Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving. It is starting to become a tradition. I just like to have it all done before Bradley's birthday, and then we really can enjoy it! This year we started the new tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree at a farm. Bradley had a blast picking out the tree...

Such excitement!!!

Which way Daddy??

Wait for MEEEEE!!!! He never wants to be left out!

The perfect tree, yes!!


Once we got our tree home and started decorating the excitement was overwhelming. Just getting the lights up on the tree was a big deal for Bradley. When Chris finally plugged them all in, he started jumping up and down and cheering. It just made my heart melt! Then the decorating began, and he was over the top. Each ornament had to inspected by Bradley. "Mommy, what is this one?" "Who is this for?" "Where should we put it?" He got a little frustrated with trying to hang up some of the ornaments, but he had a blast looking at them all and hearing their stories. I just love this age and how wondrous the whole holiday is for them.


Putting on the ornaments!

Our finished product! He is so proud!


A new tradition we started this year is the advent calendar. My mom did this with us growing up, and I always loved opening it up. It just really built the anticipation for Santa's arrival. Here is Bradley opening it on the first day. I filled it with little candies and stickers. He actually got his first piece of bubble gum the other day. That was quite exciting!

I am hoping to blog quite a bit this week. We had a busy weekend celebrating my birthday and holiday parties. It was great! We are also taking Bradley to see the Rockettes Christmas show tonight. I can't wait to share it all. Merry Christmas!


amanda said...

loving all the traditions!! we saw the rockettes in nyc one year and i totally cried! i was sooo excited!!

and happy belated birthday friend!

amy said...

We are going to see The Rockettes tomorrow...can't wait! Bradley is so cute!!!

Megan said...

Hey Clare. This is Megan. I've met you a couple times and seen you around. I stumbled across your blog when reading someone else's blog that I knew. I love it! Anyhow... where is the Christmas tree farm that you all got your tree from? We used to always cut down our own tree, but have since stopped b/c we never could find a good place to get one. We are even willing to drive a little to get a good tree! It looks like the place you went had a great selection. Thanks!

Lindsay said...

Love the tree! Bradley looks so cute in that first picture.

Courtney said...

This will be such a magical Christmas with him. Just think, next Christmas you will have a new little one joining you!

Jodee Leader said...

What fun traditions! Cute pictures!

Krystyn said...

Oh, your tree is perfect. Bradley is right!

And, I love the advent calendar. Maybe we'll do that this year. We did a paper chain count down and we are awful at remembering to take the chain off each day.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Clare! I hope you had and have a wonderful birthday.

What a great tradition to have of cutting down a fresh tree.

It looks like Bradley had an enjoyable time decorating too!

paige said...

such a precious precious age at christmas!

laura said...

oooh, i love the idea of cutting down a tree! i think we will do that next year!

and, happy birthday!!!!! enjoy your special day!

Kristen Andrews said...

Happy Bday clare, how fun and Bradley is adorable!