Friday, December 18, 2009

Chloe Turns Three!!


One of Bradley's favorite little friends, Chloe turned three on Tuesday! Chloe and I share the same birthday...gotta love all of these December babies! Chloe had her party at our favorite place, The Little Gym! The kids had a blast...


I love this picture of these two playing on the beam. Bradley was trying to hold her hand...awww

Riding the cushions

Jack playing a little basketball


Bubble Time!!!

Greta got Chloe's cupcakes at the best little bakery in town. They made them to match her invitations, aren't they fun??

Happy Birthday Sweet Chloe!!
In other news....they are calling for a massive snow storm in our part of the woods. I went shopping today to buy a sled and some snow boots. Three stores later, I finally found a sled at the grocery store, and boots one and a half sizes too big at the mall. They are ugly as heck, but I didn't have much of a choice! Lesson learned for next year, buy this stuff early. I remember seeing cute snow boots and snow suits at Target a month ago, but didn't get them. Not smart!!


Lindsay said...

Looks like a super fun birthday party!! Shoot I had some size 9's he could have borrowed. They aren't super cute but got them for free at a swap thing at MOMs. Glad you were able to find some and a sled. Tim went over to his parents today and borrowed one. They are all sold out around here! How much are they calling for over there?

laura said...

those cupcakes look divine! what a fun party!

i went to target yesterday and snagged their last pair of size 6 snowboots. syd wouldn't take them off last night! here's to snow!

Jenny said...

I just love the pic of Bradley and Chloe...too sweet. Yes..we are out of all the winter gear as well, but it will be nice to a significant amount of snow!

Christy said...

Do you live on the east coast? Because we got slammed. We have at least 7 or 8 inches in our yard right now and it is still snowing!

Working Mommy said...

Oh aren't they cute?!?! Gotta love puppy love!!


kanishk said...

those cupcakes look divine! what a fun party!

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