Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Since we are already on the subject, I thought I would share a funny store from last week. This little boy is full of more questions than Mommy has answers for. I was wearing a maternity shirt the other week. It tied around my back, and was a scoop neck. I guess it was a little more revealing than shirts that I have been wearing. I was leaning over Bradley drying him off after his bath while he was laying on his bed. Out of no where he reached up and pointed at my chest. The conversation went:

Bradley: "Mommy, what are those?" (referring to my boobs)

Me in my head (OH MY GOD, WHAT IN THE HECK?!! What are we going to tell them they are called, breasts, boobs, think quick Clare you need an answer!!)

Me after the delay: "Those are called boobies."

Bradley: "Oh....I like boobies" (giggles)

Me: Still in shock, not sure what to say to that

Bradley: "Will I have boobies when I grow up?"

Me in my head (Thankfully I can answer this one easily)

Me: "No, only Mommies get boobies when they grow up. Mommy will use them to feed the new baby."

Bradley: "Oh" look of total confusion by the last statement. "How many books can we read tonight?"

I guess I didn't traumatize him too badly with his first anatomy lesson. I am not ready to start having all of these conversations. Obviously he is...ahhhh!


Katie said...

Hysterical!! :) They really say the funniest things sometimes.
I've been amazed at Pierce's complete disinterest in my "hanging all out there" while I feed the baby. He hasn't really batted an eye at the whole thing. We did talk a lot about it before Reid came and he asked a lot of questions b/c my sister was breastfeeding just a few months prior. They really just go with the flow!

Jennifer said...

Ah! Good job thinking on your feet mom! It's funny Landree didn't even notice I nursed at first then one day she said, "Daddy feeds Hudson with a bottle and Mommy feeds him with her little thing!" Oh my!

Chelle said...

Ohmygosh...hilarious! Isabella is obsessed with boobies.

I'm so going to write a post!

Lindsay said...

LOL o my goodness! I would have been dying trying to figure out what to say! I love that picture at the top! Bradley is a total cutie!

amy said...

Thatis HILARIOUS!!! :)

Jenny said...

That is too funny! You handled it well.

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Hee, hee, hee!

One night after I got out of the shower, Kyler asked me where my pee pee was. That was awkward!

Pretty sure I said I don't know, go ask your father:)

Carly said...

This post has me laughing out loud! I can def relate to the big boobie party of pregnancy! I guess we should be thankful that they are big and purky now, b/c lord knows how they are going to look after breastfeeding two babies:)

Working Mommy said...

LOL! Sounds like he took it well!!

Stopping by to say hi - from your newest follower!


amanda said...

lol - boys and their boob obsession :)

laura said...

that is hilarious!

Christy said...

Little boys love boobs! Izzy likes to stick his hand down my shirt at embarrassing and inappropriate time.

Krystyn said...

It starts so early, the boobie liking.

PS I could see your post in my reader, but not go to your blog from work. It was marked as pornography. No joke.

Jodee Leader said...

Typical, man! Huh?! Too funny!

Gina said...

I am dying that is so dang funny! I think it's hilarious you went with the manly (Homer) reference instead of the anatomical one.

I was just about to post a funny boobies story myself. Last night we were doing Liam's homework and he was supposed to draw a picture of his mom. He was studying me as he did the head, arms, hands... then he said, "OH - I need to do your ribs!" Sure enough, two circles made up my ribs. Ian and I were cracking up!! Where did he get that?