Monday, November 9, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I cannot believe that Bradley will be three in just a few weeks, it is hard to believe!

I wanted to share the cute birthday invites that I ordered for Bradley, but they have our address so I decided against it. Take my word for it, they are really cute!!

Speaking of turning three, when did you child drop their day time nap?? We are at a turning point as far as nap time goes. Bradley still really wants to nap, and he will often tell me that he is tired. But, if he sleeps too long then he cannot fall asleep at night. He is so good, and will lay in bed at night until he finally falls asleep. But, last night he came out of his room at 9:48 when I was getting ready to head up to bed....WHAT??! I don't want him to be laying in bed all night awake, just because he took a great nap. We got him right to sleep last night, but I can feel the nap time situation beginning to shift.

I am thinking that I might just give him 'quiet time' in his room and see what happens. Tell him to read his books or play on his bed. If he happens to sleep than I will know he was just exhausted, if not we will have an early bedtime. Suggestions??! I just really still want some down time in the house for him to play quietly. My girlfriend Kristin was telling me about these tot clocks. They might be a good idea for quiet time?

We are waiting to hear on the final items for the contract this week. We haven't packed a thing, but have the movers set up for next week (thurs. and fri). AHHHHH!!! We are going to have family come down this weekend to help us, but AHHHHHH! I just don't feel ready, but I know we can get it done.

There has been gorgeous weather here the past few days, just beautiful! We had lunch outside with friends this weekend, and it was almost hot. Weird, but great! I feel like we somehow missed out on fall in October.

I met a girlfriend at a local craft type show this weekend on the downtown mall. It was great to just walk around and shop all of the vendors. There was a jewelry line booth showcasing a company called, Stella and Dot. I LOVED their jewelry and it was really affordable. I am going to get some pieces for friends for Christmas this year.

My most recent OB check-up went well. I am just shy of 20 weeks, hard to believe that I am half-way through this pregnancy. The past few weeks have been good to me, and I haven't had too much to complain about. My indigestion and headaches have subsided, and my body seems to be fully in the second trimester. I definitely have my energy back (which is a good thing with the upcoming move). We will have our big ultrasound on Dec. 3rd right around 22 weeks. I had originally thought that we weren't going to find out the sex of the baby. We didn't find out with Bradley, and I loved that! But, someone told me about putting the answer in an envelope and opening it on Christmas day with family. I thought this was a great idea too. So, I'm not sure what we will decide to do. We have a few weeks to figure it out!

My blogging may be a bit off and on in the next few weeks if we end up moving. I will keep everyone updated with our news!!


Chelle said...

I am demanding a belly shot! :) I bet you look adorable!

I can't wait to find out if you are having a girl or a boy...that's so exciting!!

And I'm praying everything goes perfectly and smoothly with the big move. Take care of yourself honey!

Lindsay said...

oo I am with Chelle! I can't wait to see you soon! I miss you! Do you need/want some help this weekend? Our Saturday is pretty busy but Sunday is free! I hope you find out at Christmas thats a really fun idea! Love you!

Katie said...

Oh, naptime!!! It seems to have left our house recently and boy, is this about the worst time for that to happen! I'm exhausted and need some rest time. We've transitioned Pierce to a "quiet rest time" during which he has some more freedom to get books, toys, etc. His biggest problem is being quiet and not shouting for me. He gets bored and that gets him in trouble (banging his drawers, banging on the window, playing with the shades, etc.). A timer might be a really great idea. We are definitely working through it.
The biggest upside is that Pierce is quite beat by the end of the day and is going to bed between 7:30 and 8. He falls right to sleep. And it's a good time of year for an early bedtime with the shorter days.
But, when he was napping really well, he too was having trouble falling asleep and would be up in his bed until 10:00 sometimes. I'm not sure which is worse. I just wish I wasn't so sleep deprived right now!
Okay, I'll stop rambling. I wish you the best with all you have going on in the next several weeks.
Much love!

Courtney said...

Good luck with the upcoming move. So glad your pregnancy is still going well. I love the idea of opening up the envelope of Christmas Day!

Jodee Leader said...

We don't stop naps until Kindergarten at our house. However, in your situation, I would probably just shorten it to one hour or maybe an hour and a half. I hope that helps! Kamree is three and still sleeps 2-3 hours during the day and goes back down by 8:30 p.m.

Your pregnancy is flying right by. I am so glad it is still going well.

Hope you have a great week!

Krystyn said...

We still haven't dropped a nap with Isabelle. Most peds say they need a nap until 5 or at least quiet time.

We have a tot clock and for the most part, she gets it. She understands the idea behind the colors and what they mean, it's just whether or not we enforce it..and most of the time, she DOESN'T want a nap!

laura said...

oooh, i love the idea of finding out on christmas morning. i had a friend who did that and it was the best part of her christmas....

lots of luck to you for the big move! i'm so jealous you get to stroll around the downtown mall....i puffy heart your town!!!

Jenny said...

I hope everything goes well for you and the possibly move. I am not the best company when it comes to moves but you sound like you are in great spirits even being pregnant. That is wonderful!
Can't wait to hear what you are having either!
All the best in the upcoming days!